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NYCU November 6, 2018

Paul HegyiPHYSICIANS: Today, the SDCMS Nominations Commitee formally announces the call for nominations to the SDCMS board and officer positions. The committee will meet in December and prepare a slate of candidates for approval by the board next year and elections in the spring. To be eligible for service on SDCMS's board of directors, physicians must have been active members of SDCMS for at least two years as of the date of assumption of duties: June 2019. Additionally, for geographic directors, physicians must have their primary practice located within the geographic district. For more information, CLICK HERE.
The CMA is hosting an important webinar with the California Department of Health Care Services tomorrow on Prop. 56: Are you getting your share of supplemental Medi-Cal funds? It will discuss the status of distribution of both 2017-18 and 2018-19 suplemental Medi-Cal funds and their distribution timelines. This webinar will cover eligible services, supplemental payment amounts by CPT code and tips on ensuring your practice receives the full amount of eligible funds. It will also provide information on how to file grievances on Prop. 56 funds and how the CMA can help. To register for the free, one-hour webinar, please CLICK HERE.
Earlier this year, the California Medical Association and SoFi launched a new member benefit that will help physicians save thousands on their student loans. SoFi offers CMA members student loan refinancing options that include low-variable and fixed rates with terms ranging from 5 to 20 years. From now until December 20, 2018, you'll pay 0.5 percent less in interest when you refinance at SoFi.com/CMA. Please CLICK HERE for more information. Please let me know if you find SoFi's offer helpful to you.
Finally, in 2018, Walmart (including Sam's Club) and CVS Caremark implemented dosage and duration corporate policies to restrict opioid prescriptions filled at their pharmacies. Specifically: Walmart restricted initial opioid prescriptions for acute pain to no more than 7 days and 50 morphine milligram equivalents (MME) while CVS Caremark restricted initial opioid prescriptions for an acute condition to a 7-day supply and 90 MME, although prescribers may request a prior authorization for higher doses up to 200 MME/day.
Physicians have also reported being asked for extensive medical documentation such as treatment agreements, tried/failed therapies, and diagnoses codes before an opioid prescription will be filled by the pharmacist. CMA is concerned that the effects of these new corporate policies may intrude upon the physician-patient relationship, compromise patient confidentiality, and create barriers for patients who need access to their medications. CMA is monitoring the situation to assess the impact upon patient care. If you or your patients have encountered such policies, please contact CMA's Center for Legal Affairs at 1-800-786-4262 or legalinfo@cmadocs.org.
As always, let me know if you have any questions!  Paul Hegyi, CEO
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Global Academy for Medical Education
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  • NOV 30: Deadline for Nominations for SDCMS' 10th Annual "Office Manager of the Year" Contest. Email Nominations to Hanna.Basler@SDCMS.org
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