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SDCMS Committees

Each Committee allows members to become more involved with the medical society and help to guide our future direction.  You can apply by sending an email to detailing your interest and experience in the subject.  Applications are subject to appointment by the President.

Solicit and scrutinize partnerships with businesses and organizations that wish to offer benefits to SDCMS members.

Advise society on topics of interest for San Diego Physician magazine, News You Can Use, website and social media strategy.  Committee members expected to generate contact through direct writing or personal solicitation.

Responsible for assisting Delegation Chair in preparing for Year-Round Resolution process and Annual HOD.

Oversee society investment practices and returns.  Consider strategic financial recommendations for society.

Strategize efforts to recruit and retain members, particularly in small and medium practices.

The Nominations Committee helps recruit and vet candidates for the SDCMS Board of Directors and Executive Committee, annually recommending a slate for election.

An ad hoc committee established in 2018, SDCMS’ Wellness Committee oversees coordination with CMA on physician wellness (, and helps develop local resources for physician and medical professionals.

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SDCMS Commissions

Whereas an SDCMS committee consists of SDCMS member physicians only, an SDCMS commission can consist of SDCMS member physicians, nonmember physicians, and nonphysicians:

SDCMS's GERM Commission advises the SDCMS board of directors on antibiotic-resistant microorganisms and provides expert input on infectious disease and bioterrorism.

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SDCMS's EMOC is the San Diego County Emergency Medical Oversight Commission. The commission is represented by physicians and nurses from all of San Diego's emergency departments as well as representatives from the EMS community and the Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties. The commission meets monthly to collaborate and share ideas and projects that improve emergency medical care for the people of San Diego. EMOC has worked collaboratively with EMS, law enforcement, community clinics, the psychiatric community, and other groups that link with emergency patients.

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SDCMS's Bioethics Commission promotes best and innovative practices in bioethics, including clinical, organizational, systems issues, and bioethics committee functions.

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