SDCMS Business Partners

Malpractice Insurance

The Doctors Company

The Doctors Company Offers Members:

  • 5% Professional Liability Insurance Discount
  • Tribute® Plan Participation
  • Free Tail Coverage for Qualified Members
  • Patient Safety Programs Tailored to SDCMS Members
  • Automatic Protection Against Privacy Breaches, Medicare Reviews 

The Doctors Company is part of the TDC Group, the nation's largest physician-owned provider of insurance, risk management, and healthcare practice improvement solutions, serves the full continuum of care from individual physicians to academic medical systems--over 100,000 healthcare professionals and organizations nationwide--with annual revenue of $1 billion, and over $6 billion in assets.

Contact Christine Skaggs at (310) 492-4796.

Legal Services

Carlson & Jayakumar, LLP

Carlson & Jayakumar Attorneys at Law

Carlson & Jayakumar specialize in healthcare law and remains current on all healthcare matters to ensure a successful and favorable outcome for all their clients. Their experience spans from professional corporation formation, licensing board disputes, billing audits, Medicare audits and much more. Please contact SDCMS Membership at for a referral and to learn more about their firm click here.

Insurance Providers

Mercer Insurance

Mercer Insurance

SDCMS and CMA work with Mercer and their insurance carriers to design and implement insurance plans that meet the coverage needs of physician members. Programs for medical practices include; workers’ compensation, small group health insurance, cyber liability policy, business owner’s policy and business overhead expense, including programs for individuals and families. Contact SDCMS Membership at for more information.

Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance

Auto and Homeowners Insurance: SDCMS-CMA Members get up to 8.3% off Mercury’s already low rates, with California drivers saving an average of $628. Members also receive discounts of up to 15% more with the auto and home discount, access to 24/7 claims reporting and repairs that are guaranteed for life. Visit or call (866) 602-5259.

Financial Services

San Diego Private Bank

San Diego Private Bank

For SDCMS member physicians, San Diego Private Bank will pay 1% out of the total SBA guarantee fee percentage. For example, if an SDCMS member physician takes out a loan for $500,000, and the SBA guarantees 75% of that, or $375,000, the guarantee fee will be $11,250 (3% of $375,000). San Diego Private Bank will pay 1% out of that 3% guarantee fee, or $3,750 of the $11,250. In other words, this SDCMS member physician would save $3,750 by banking with San Diego Private Bank! If you would like to speak with someone at San Diego Private Bank, do not hesitate to reach out to Paul Azzi, EVP & Market President, at, or Mike Valenti, SVP & SBA Division Manager, at


SoFi, a leader in marketplace lending, provides our members with a variety of student loan refinancing options, including low-variable and fixed rates with terms ranging from five to 20 years. CMA members also qualify for an additional rate discount of 0.25 percent off the approved loan rate. Learn more here.

Technology Solutions

SoundOff Computing Corp.

SOUNDOFF Computing Corp. Offers Members:

  • Free Site Inspection Infrastructure Recommendations
  • Free Inventory and Assessment of Network and Hardware Computing Assets
  • Free Analysis of Internet / Telco / Data Activity and Subsequent ROI Recommendations

Member Testimonial: “I wouldn’t hesitate to refer SOUNDOFF to anyone, particularly anyone looking to make the move to EMR.” — Cathi Lyons, Administrator, Gordon-Weiss-Schanzlin Vision Institute

Possible Savings: $1,000!

Contact SDCMS Membership at for more information.