Champions for Health

Champions for HealthChampions for Health is the new name of the San Diego County Medical Society Foundation. As we have matured over the past 11 years, and as health has taken on a greater meaning than just healthcare, we have been blessed with a growing number of champions working with us to improve the health of our community. Recognizing and incorporating all these important partners is what Champions for Health exemplifies.

Our partners have helped us to expand from providing access to specialty care through Project Access San Diego, to a wide variety of prevention programs focused on our community’s most vulnerable residents. One in five adults in San Diego County are at a high risk for poor health because they do not have health insurance. The vast majority are employed but do not have access to health insurance through their employment. Others are family members working hard to raise their children, and the cost of insurance is too great a burden on their family budget.

Even with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in early 2014, and increased numbers of people eligible for health insurance, there are still too many adults in our community uninsured, underinsured, or with limited access to care and preventative services. It is the working poor families that are the most often vulnerable to poor health. This gap is where the services of Champions for Health are most needed.

Our Mission: To improve community health and wellness, access to care for all, and support for physicians through engaged volunteerism.

Our Vision: Physicians Improving Health, Changing Lives

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Check out our impactour story, and our financial information to further understand our place in the community. Our efforts would not be possible without the help of our committed community partners and our supporters.