SDCMS Emergency Medicine Oversight Commission

Emergency Medicine Oversight Commission (EMOC)

Charge: (See Below)

Chair: Julie C. Phillips, MD, MBA

Staff: Jennipher Ohmstede

Meets: Second Friday of Each Month

SDCMS's EMOC is the San Diego County Emergency Medical Oversight Commission. The commission is represented by physicians and nurses from all of San Diego's emergency departments as well as representatives from the EMS community and the Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties. The commission meets monthly to collaborate and share ideas and projects that improve emergency medical care for the people of San Diego. EMOC has worked collaboratively with EMS, law enforcement, community clinics, the psychiatric community, and other groups that link with emergency patients.

EMOC sponsors the annual San Diego Hospital Overcrowding Summit each fall. The conference brings together emergency department personnel, CEOs, and other guest speakers in order to share best practices and improve emergency department efficiencies and care. The conference is free. Please contact SDCMS for information regarding this year's conference.

The documents made available below contain information that is helpful for emergency medical practice in San Diego: