Vision & Mission

San Diego County Medical Society (SDCMS) is a non–profit organization founded in 1870 and chartered by the California Medical Association (CMA).


Our Vision:

‘Physicians United for a Healthy San Diego’


Our Mission:

SDCMS shall act independently — as well as jointly with CMA — to promote the science and art of medicine, the quality care and wellbeing of patients, the protection of the public health, the betterment of the medical profession, and the adjudication of ethical relations of its members, as well as the provision of education to its members in scientific, social, legal, ethical, and medico–economic aspects of medical practice.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF copy of SDCMS' Bylaws (Updated June 5, 2020)


Our Past Presidents:

Nicholas J. Yphantides, MD, MPH (2023–24)
Toluwalaşé (Laşé) Ajayi, MD (2022–23)
Sergio R. Flores, MD (2021–22)
Holly B. Yang, MD (2020–21)
James H. Schultz, MD (2019–20)
David E.J. Bazzo, MD, (2018–19)
Mark W. Sornson, MD, PhD (2017–18)
Mihir Parkikh, MD (2016–17)
William T-C Tseng, MD, MPH (2015–16)
J. Steven Poceta, MD (2014–15)
Robert E. Peters, MD, PhD (2013–14)
Sherry L. Franklin, MD (2012–2013)
Robert E. Wailes, MD (2011–12)
Susan Kaweski, MD (2010–11)
Lisa S. Miller, MD (2009–10)
Stuart A. Cohen, MD, MPH (2008–09)
Albert Ray, MD (2007–08)
Theodore M. Mazer, MD (2006–07)
Carol L. Young, MD (2005)
Edgar D. Canada, MD (2004)
James G. Knight, MD (2003)
Rodrigo A. Muñoz, MD (2002)
James T. Hay, MD (2001)
Edward L. Singer, MD (2000)
Robert E. Hertzka, MD (1999)
John Greisman, MD (1998)
David M. Priver, MD (1997)
Michael J. Hennessy, MD (1996)
Leonard M. Kornreich, MD (1995)
Rosemarie M. Johnson, MD (1994)
Leslie Buncher, MD (1993)
Thomas D. Martinez, MD (1992)
Robert T. Reid, MD (1991)
William A. Renert, MD (1990)
Lynn Sheffey, MD (1989)
Richard O. Butcher, MD (1988)
Jacquelin D. Trestrail, MD (1987)
Robert Penner, MD (1986)
John A. Berger, MD (1985)
Don E. Wilson, MD (1984)
Michael Busch, MD (1983)
Ralph R. Ocampo, MD (1982)
Thomas W. Lyons, MD (1981)
Harvey O. Randel, MD (1980)
Frederick A. Frye, MD (1979)
Basil W. Maloney, MD (1978)
Franklin S. Glanz, MD (1977)
Gordon R. Freeman, MD (1976)
J. W. Johnson, MD (1975)
Matthew C. Gleason, MD (1974)
William T. Adams, MD (1973)
John A. Bishop, MD (1972)
W. C. Herrick, MD (1971)
Michael J. Feeney, MD (1970)
Robert L. Hippen, MD (1969)
Gladden V. Elliott, MD (1968)
John F. Wanless, MD (1967)
Sam Peck, MD (1966)
John W. Flaiz, MD (1965)
Walter R. Nickel, MD (1964)
Robert T. Plumb, MD (1963)
Winston C. Hall, MD (1962)
Frank H. Robinson, MD (1961)
Chester Tancredi, MD (1960)
Joseph Telford, MD (1959)
Edward I. Levy, MD (1958)
James McLaggan, MD (1957)
Maurice J. Brown, MD (1956)
R. B. Mullinex, MD (1955)
H. A. Ball, MD (1954)
R. M. King, MD (1953)
F. E. West, MD (1952)
A. A. Marlow, MD (1951)
C. E. Rees, MD (1950)
H. D. Newton, MD (1949)
R. J. Prentiss, MD (1948)
F. E. Jacobs, MD (1947)
A. E. Moore, MD (1946)
G. D. Huff, MD (1945)
R. H. Sundberg, MD (1944)
W. D. Rolph, MD (1943)
W. O. Weiskotten, MD (1942)
Frank St. Sure, MD (1941)
Joseph Weinberger, MD (1940)
Hall G. Holder, MD (1939)
B. R. Simpson, MD (1938)
S. J. McClendon, MD (1937)
B. F. Eager, MD (1936)
W. H. Geistweit, Jr., MD (1935)
R. S. Carter, MD (1934)
C. L. Stealy, MD (1933)
C. O. Tanner, MD (1932)
L. H. Redelings, MD (1931)
C. M. Fox, MD (1930)
J. F. Churchill, MD (1929)
J. M. McColl, MD (1928)
M. C. Harding, MD (1927)
M. H. Arnold, MD (1926)
G. B. Worthington, MD (1925)
A. J. Thornton, MD (1924)
J. E. Jennison, MD (1923)
W. W. Crawford, MD (1922)
J. P. Lewis, MD (1921)
L. C. Kinney, MD (1920)
F. A. Burton, MD (1919)
J. A. Jackson, MD (1918)
H. C. Oatman, MD (1917)
J. C. Yates, MD (1916)
B. J. O'Neill, MD (1915)
H. A. Thompson, MD (1914)
H. C. Loos, MD (1913)
V. G. Clark, MD (1912)
I. D. Webster, MD (1911)
R. E. Austin, MD (1910)
J. A. Parks, MD (1909)
F. R. Burnham, MD (1908)
H. N. Goff, MD (1907)
J. M. French, MD (1906)
J. M. French, MD (1905)
P. J. Parker, MD (1904)
Fred Baker, MD (1903)
William M. Cummings, MD (1902)
George Cleary, MD (1901)
R. L. Doig, MD (1900)
V. D. Rood, MD (1899)
Charlotte Baker, MD (1898)
D. Gochenauer, MD (1897)
P. C. Remondino, MD (1896)
F. S. Leisenring, MD (1895)
G. E. Buxton, MD (1894)
F. R. Burnham, MD (1893)
Edwin Carson, MD (1892)
Fred Baker, MD (1891)
T. L. Magee, MD (1890)
T. A. Davis, MD (1889)
W. N. Smart, MD (1888)
W. N. Smart, MD (1887)
David Hoffman, MD (1886): 1st President