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"News You Can Use" — May 22, 2013

CONTENTS: Latest Novel Coronavirus Updates Latest H7N9 Updates Safe Opioid Provider Resources NPs Practicing Medicine Without Supervision CMA Supporting MICRA Cap MICRA Damages Ruling Blue Cross Recredentialing State Budget Update CMA's Model Medical Staff Bylaws Walgreens Refusing to Fill Some Prescriptions eRx Reporting Period Top Doctors Volunteers Feted ...

"News You Can Use" — May 15, 2013

CONTENTS: SDCMS Annual Report SDCMS White Coat Gala "Top Doctors" Voting Financial & Legal Workshop Taming Microsoft Outlook <> Executive Director Comment: Please take a moment to review this amazing compendium (see directly below)! <> What Did We Do for You in 2012? Click here to view the action and results for physicians in San Diego, SDCMS' 2012 annual report. Erratum: We inadvertently failed to include in our 2012 report Dr. Susan Kaweski's election as CALPAC ...