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NYCU August 30, 2022

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Paul HegyiPHYSICIANS: A couple of weekends ago San Diego County Medical Society hosted a retreat for our Board of Directors. It was good to be back in person.

Our new President, Toluwalase (Lase) Ajayi, MD has provided a report on the event:

The SDCMS 2022 Board of Directors retreat was held in beautiful Palm Springs on August 20–21st. This year’s retreat started with a session that focused on preparing for the next pandemic utilizing digital health technologies and addressing health disparities. The session panelists included: Dr. Melissa Campos from San Ysidro Health; Ms. Karris Grounds of 211 San Diego; Dr. Jennifer Tuteur with the County of San Diego; Dr. Christopher Longhurst and Dr. Crystal Cene of UC San Diego Health and Dr. Ed Ramos and Ms. Katie Baca Motes from Scripps Research Translational Institute.
During this session, our speakers from San Ysidro and 211 San Diego highlighted the huge inequities we faced from the early stages of the pandemic until now. Participants from the board spoke about how the points made by the speakers aligned with their experiences as health care professionals in the outpatient, inpatient, Emergency Department and the nursing facility. This part of the session really highlighted the issues of trust, access to care and access to information.
We then transitioned to our speakers from UCSD and the County that spoke about some of the solutions and processes we put into place, about the crucial importance of having data, and how we use that data to respond quickly and appropriately to the needs of our patients and the doctors who care for them. Again, this session highlighted key aspects of trust of our patients, and meeting them where they are. Access to mobile health resources that go to our highest need patients is essential.
Finally, with our speakers from Scripps Research, we talked about a future where participant centered research can optimize mobile health technologies so that it meets our patient and physician needs. This session acknowledged the digital gaps in health equity and that technology the panacea. However, improving access to broadband and infrastructure can address a lot of the issues raised during this pandemic.
A key closing point of this session is if we do not include and plan around our most marginalized patients with the greatest need, then we will not make progress. But if we plan and implement solutions focused on these patients as our starting point, we will ensure that all patients receive the care they need and deserve.

Congratulations to SDCMS’ own Dr. Roneet Lev on her role in the passage of SB 864, which requires hospitals to also screen for fentanyl when a urine drug screen is ordered. This is an important new tool in helping to reduce the exploding number of deaths due to our fentanyl epidemic.

Dr. Lev is the former SDCMS Emergency Medicine Oversight Commission (EMOC) Chair and lead on curriculum development on Champions for Health’s webinar series on innovations in safe prescribing of opioids.

Dr. Lev released the following statement after the passage of this important legislation:

I am thrilled to announce that SB 864 — Tyler’s Law was signed by California Governor Newsom today. The bill was sponsored by Senator Melissa Melendez. It received bipartisan support with no opposition. This was the first bill I wrote and helped carry through the legislative process along with Juli Shamash. Juli is Tyler’s mother who died from a fentanyl overdose days after a negative drug screen at an emergency department.
A positive fentanyl test can save lives. It can: 1) Alert the patient 2) Alert the doctor or provider 3) Prompt a prescription for naloxone 4) Make the patient dispose of counterfeit pills and alert friends who may be using 5) Connect the patient with drug treatment or motivation to change 6) Assist the outpatient clinics with data since they do not have access to rapid fentanyl testing. We hope other hospitals, states, and national initiatives will follow California’s lead.

Speaking of Dr. Lev, please visit The Doctor Company’s website to access Champions for Health’s innovative new CME course for the latest in pain management and safe prescribing. They have assembled the newest tools, methods, and updated guidelines to safely treat patients in pain.

They will walk you through both pharmacological and non–pharmacological treatments, recognize opioid use disorder (OUD), and even begin medication assisted treatment (MAT) in patients recovering from OUD. For more information and to view the course please visit thedoctors.com. If you have any further questions, please contact Katy Rogers at (619) 508–4460.

San Diego County Medical Society (SDCMS), in partnership with the County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency (HHSA) and Hospital Association of San Diego & Imperial Counties (HASD&IC), invite you to attend our next COVID–19 Clinical Town Hall Webinar.

This virtual event intended for licensed and other essential medical professionals within the San Diego community is being held tomorrow, Wednesday, August 31, 2022, from 6:00 — 7:30 PM.

The meeting this week will feature a COVID–19 Update, Variants Update, Vaccines, Boosters, Treatments, plus a Monkeypox Update as dialogue for discussion. We will also focus on regional outbreak response coordination and provide an Extended Q&A Session between attendees and the speakers’ panel.

or visit https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81838235368
818 3823 5368
*audio only participants will not have the opportunity to ask questions during the webinar

Dr. Anne Truitt, a dermatologist with Champions for Health’s Project Access, is doing a research study with a sponsor who is researching a novel injection treatment for Basal Cell Carcinoma on the trunk and extremities. Each patient is compensated for each in–person visit and also for the follow up telephone calls. At the end of the study, the site will be surgically excised to ensure complete removal and standard of care.

No insurance is required and no payment would be expected from the patient. And so far, the results are promising! For more information please call (858) 292–5101 or visit skinsurgerymed.com

As always, let me know if you have any questions! Paul Hegyi, CEO

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Obesity Medicine Association FCON22
SEP 6, 2022: 5–7pm, Free Webinar ‘Assessing Non–Fatal Strangulation’, recognize the signs of non–fatal strangulation to prevent stroke and death, 2 CME Credits & 2 ANCC Nursing Contact Hours, hosted by HASD&IC and Health Subcommittee, SD Human Trafficking & CSEC Advisory Council  CLICK HERE
SEP 13, 2022: 12–1pm, CMA Virtual Grand Rounds ‘COVID–19 Updates and Cardiac Manifestations of Long COVID’. After a massive summer surge of COVID–19, with many Americans having had COVID–19 more than once, we are still grappling to understand the epidemiology, cause and mainifestations of Long COVID. After an update on the current status of COVID–19 and other emerging infectious diseases including Monkeypox from Er. Erica Pan, we will be hosting a UCSF cardiologist who will discuss the cardiac manifestations of Long COVID. 1 CME Credit. Welcome to members and non–members. Co–sponsored by CalHHS in partnership with Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons in California and CAPA.  CLICK HERE
SEP 14, 2022: 6–7:30pm, FREE SDCMS Webinar ‘Financial Wellness for Physicians Part 2’, a 2–part series designed to help physicians manage important financial decisions by expanding financial knowledge, topics to include starting a business, saving for retirement, and giving back, welcome to members and non–members, hosted in partnership with Bank of America Private Bank  CLICK HERE
SEP 28, 2022: 6–7:30pm, FREE SDCMS Webinar ‘Top Five Risks for Your Practice’, increase your awareness and understanding of the top five risks associated with medical practices, receive guidance and strategies to help reduce your practice risks, welcome to members and non–members, hosted in partnership with The Doctors Company  CLICK HERE
OCT 6, 2022: 9:30am–4pm, Virtual 19th Annual NEPO (Network of Ethnic Physician Organizations) Summit: Beyond Unconscious Bias to Health Care Equity. The summit will cover topics critical to diverse physicians and patients including reproductive and maternal health outcome disparities, women physician well–being, and practice transformation.  CLICK HERE
OCT 8, 2022: 5–9pm, Champions for Health ‘Casino Night’ fundraiser at The Vault in Veloce Motors, features casino–like entertainment and raffle prizes, proceeds to benefit Champions’ Project Access San Diego (PASD) and Immunization Programs  CLICK HERE
OCT 12-16, 2022: 8am daily, Overcoming Obesity 2022 Conference, Learn how to treat Adult/Childhood Obesity utilizing Nutrition, Behavioral Modification, Physical Activity, and Pharmacotherapy. Earn up to 30 CME Credits, in Anaheim, CA or Virtually, Presented by Obesity Medicine Association  CLICK HERE
OCT 21, 2022: 2–4pm, CMA Symposium ‘Understanding the Climate Health Crisis & How California Physicians Can Make an Impact’, Marriott LA Live, Diamond Salon 10, attend in–person or virtually, 2–part panel discussion exploring health impacts of climate change in CA and ways physicians can advance policy–level solutions with public health co–benefits, welcome to members and non–members, sponsored by Climate Health Now and the California Foundation on the Environment and the Economy (CFEE) in coordination with CMA  CLICK HERE
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