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NYCU September 22, 2020

San Diego County Medical Society

Paul HegyiPHYSICIANS: If your practice needs PPE, please contact us at SDCMS@SDCMS.org. As you may recall, SDCMS recently in partnership with the California Medical Association, Altais, State of California and the Governor’s Office, held a hugely successful PPE distribution event at SDCCU Stadium to small and medium sized physician practices. Almost 800 local practices received 2 months of free PPE, worth $3.8 million, over 2 days. We have a limited amount of PPE we may be able to provide to your practice if you qualify.

The University of California Cooperative Extension is creating a statewide educational campaign for healthcare professionals, medical providers, community organizations, and decision–makers in response to how COVID–19 affects the LGBTQ+ population given that this community is proving to be at higher risk for severe health complications from a COVID–19 infection.

They have created a needs assessment survey in order to better inform their educational campaign. The survey is intended to gather data from LGBTQ+ individuals, community serving organizations and healthcare providers. We encourage you to help guide their survey. CLICK HERE to participate.

As always, let me know if you have any questions! Paul Hegyi, CEO

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  • SEP 29, 2020: 10–11am, Webinar Series ‘Lung Cancer and COVID–19 in the Outpatient Setting: What Clinicians Need to Know’, 1 CME Credit, Sponsored by Boston University and Rockpointe ? CLICK HERE
  • OCT 2-4, 2020: 7:45am daily, 63rd San Diego Academy of Family Physicians' Virtual Annual Symposium, 19.5 CME Credits ? CLICK HERE
  • OCT 13, 2020: 12–1:30pm, CMA Virtual Grand Rounds ‘COVID–19 Updates in Therapeutics’, 1.5 CME Credits, Welcome to Members and Non–Members, Sponsored in partnership with CA HHSA ? CLICK HERE
  • OCT 15, 2020: 4–5pm, Webinar Series ‘Lung Cancer and COVID–19 in the Outpatient Setting: What Clinicians Need to Know’, 1 CME Credit, Sponsored by Boston University and Rockpointe ? CLICK HERE
  • MAR 20, 2021: 6–9pm, 2nd Annual Champions for Health Soirée, Birch Aquarium, La Jolla ? CLICK HERE
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  • ACEs Aware Webinar: Building Trauma–Informed Connections Via TeleHealth During COVID–19 ? WATCH HERE
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  • Podcast ‘What the Health?’ Replay: It's Scandal Week ? LISTEN HERE
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