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NYCU October 6, 2020

San Diego County Medical Society

Paul HegyiPHYSICIANS: Champions for Health, the non profit arm of the San Diego County Medical Society, is once again conducting its Free Flu Shot Clinics. As you know all too well, flu shots are more important than ever this year. I'm encouraged to say that the response from the public has already been overwhelming. We anticipate that Champions may well provide anywhere from 50% to 100% more shots this year than the thousands given last year. The Clinics run from October until March of 2021. For more information, a list of Clinic time, dates and locations in October and beyond CLICK HERE. Champions is doing important work and the demand is greater than ever. Please also consider donating to support Champions and CLICK HERE.

I'm pleased to share that the Black Community Investment Fund is creating a scholarship program targeted to students seeking careers in the health sciences that honors San Diego County Public Health Officer and SDCMS member Dr. Wilma Wooten. Dr. Wooten has served in her current role since 2007, overseeing nearly 500 employees and a budget of more than $100 million. It's a well–deserved honor as Dr. Wooten is a trailblazer who has shown grace, courage and strength in her leadership of our County during this pandemic. You can read more about the Dr. Wilma Wooten Scholarship Fund if you CLICK HERE.

Physicians for a Healthy California is hosting a webinar on Monday, October 12th, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm on how to improve applications by physicians who are interested in their student loan debt relief program for those willing to accept a significant percentage of Medi–Cal patients, thus helping to provide greater access to medical care in California. To register CLICK HERE.

Finally, as the next round of playoffs begin tonight for the San Diego Padres I'm excited to say ‘GO PADRES’.

As always, let me know if you have any questions! Paul Hegyi, CEO

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  • OCT 12, 2020: 5:30–6:30pm, Webinar ‘How to Improve Your Application for Their Student Debt Forgiveness Program’, Sponsored by Physicians for a Healthy California ‣ CLICK HERE
  • OCT 13, 2020: 12–1:30pm, CMA Virtual Grand Rounds ‘COVID–19 Updates in Therapeutics’, 1.5 CME Credits, Welcome to Members and Non–Members, Sponsored in partnership with CA HHSA ‣ CLICK HERE
  • OCT 15, 2020: 4–5pm, Webinar Series ‘Lung Cancer and COVID–19 in the Outpatient Setting: What Clinicians Need to Know’, 1 CME Credit, Sponsored by Boston University and Rockpointe ‣ CLICK HERE
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