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NYCU October 19, 2021

SDCMS News You Can Use

Paul HegyiPHYSICIANS: This year we have an important opportunity to elect another well–qualified physician to the State Assembly.

CMA Trustee Dr. Sion Roy from Santa Monica is running for the State Assembly. Dr. Roy has served as President of the Los Angeles County Medical Association, Chair of CALPAC, on the California delegation to the AMA and on CMA's Board of Trustees.

He is a strong candidate who serves on the Santa Monica Community College Board and has been endorsed by dozens of local elected officials.

SDCMS will be hosting a fundraiser for Dr. Roy on Tuesday, November 16th, at the home of our long time Legislative Committee Chair Dr. Robert Hertzka and I hope you will consider joining us. CLICK HERE to donate and RSVP for this event.

You can learn more about Dr. Roy’s campaign and sign up for his newsletter by visiting SionRoyforAssembly.com.

On Saturday, October 23rd, from 10am to 2pm is DEA National Rx Take Back Day. This is an excellent opportunity arranged by the Drug Enforcement Administration to dispose of unneeded or expired pharmaceutical drugs in the medicine cabinet as well as other drugs that could cause harm if they fall in the wrong hands. Drive–through, drop off is available at all locations. “Sharps” — those with hypodermic needles are not accepted and vaping devices are accepted only if the batteries have been removed. It is contactless and anonymous. For the collection site nearest you, visit DEATakeBack.com.

The deadline for physicians to apply for additional Federal HHS Provider Relief Fundingis next Tuesday October 26, 2021. There is an additional $25 million set aside for physician practices to replace lost revenues and increased expenses incurred during the COVID–19 pandemic and the funding does NOT need to be repaid. There are additional funds for rural physicians and for physicians who care for Medicaid patients. Even if you have already received funding, you may apply for more. CLICK HERE for additional information and to access the application.

SDCMS' 13th Annual Outstanding Medical Office ManagerContest is now accepting nominations. SDCMS wants to recognize San Diego County's most outstanding medical office manager / practice administrator, i.e., someone who goes above and beyond his or her job description, who anticipates problems before they arise, who works efficiently with the practice's time and resources, and who strikes the right balance between exercising control and boosting morale when supervising staff.

SDCMS Member physicians can nominate their office managers by explaining in writing (up to 600 words) why their office manager is the BEST in San Diego County.

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, December 31st, 2021. The winner will receive a $200 gift card and recognition as San Diego County’s Outstanding Medical Office Manager for 2021! Contest results will also be published in the February 2022 issue of San Diego Physician magazine.

Please email your nominations to Hanna.Basler@SDCMS.org. Remember, only submissions from physician members will be considered.

As always, let me know if you have any questions! Paul Hegyi, CEO

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OCT 24-27, 2021: Medical Group Management Association Medical Practice Excellence ‘Leaders Conference’ [Formerly MGMA Annual Conference], Meet and Listen to Most Influential Healthcare and Medical Practice Leaders Including Aspiring Next–Gen Leaders from Across the US, Full Vaccination Required to Attend, San Diego Convention Center ? CLICK HERE
OCT 27, 2021: 12:15–1:15pm, Webinar ‘What is Value–Based Care and What Does It Mean for My Practice?’, Learn About the Financial, Legal and Logistical Aspects of the Push Away from Paying Physicians Under Traditional Fee For Service [FFS] Models and Toward Treatment Based on Providing High–Value, Population–Based Care. Free to Members and Their Staffs [with a Promo Code] and $99 to Non–Members, Sponsored by CMA ? CLICK HERE
OCT 28, 2021: 12:15–1:15pm, FREE CMA Webinar ‘Medi–Cal Rx Transition’, Discusses the Transition of All Medi–Cal Pharmacy Services from Managed Care to Fee for Service, Effective January 1st, 2022, Welcome to Members and Non–Members, Sponsored in partnership with CA Dept. of Health Care Services [DHCS] ? CLICK HERE
NOV 9, 2021: 12–1:30pm, CMA Virtual Grand Rounds ‘Spotlight on COVID–19 Vaccines’, Erica Pan, MD, CA’s State Epidemiologist will Update About the State of COVID–19 in California, Progress on Vaccines and Vaccination Efforts, and on the Status of California Schools, 1.5 CME Credits, Welcome to Members and Non–Members, Sponsored in Partnership with CA HHSA, CAPA & OPSC ? CLICK HERE
NOV 17, 2021: 6–7:30pm, FREE SDCMS Webinar ‘Understanding the Risks: How to Dismiss a Patient From Your Practice’, Learn to Educate Staff & Colleagues on Reasons You May Need to Dismiss a Patient, How to Develop an Action Plan if Patient Dismissal is Necessary and Ways to Decrease the Need for Potential Patient Dismissals, 1.5 CME Credits, Welcome to Members and Non–Members, Sponsored by The Doctors Company ? CLICK HERE
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CMA in the Courts ? READ HERE
Podcast ‘What the Health?’ The Politics of Vaccine Mandates ? LISTEN HERE
ACEs Aware Webinar: Building Trauma–Informed Connections Via TeleHealth During COVID–19 ? WATCH HERE
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SDCMS’ 151st Virtual Presidential Installation ? WATCH HERE
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