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NYCU November 16, 2021

SDCMS News You Can Use

Paul HegyiPHYSICIANS: Are you attending this year’s Live Well Advance on November 17th and 18th? We will be presenting during one of the breakout sessions and would love for you to join us!

Join us for The San Diego County Medical Society and Champions for Health COVID–19 Response. The COVID pandemic has changed life for all of us, and as it unfolded in 2020 the San Diego County Medical Society (SDCMS) and its foundation, Champions for Health (CFH), stepped up to help local physicians and their practices and partnered with other organizations to promote public health messaging and provide more equitable access to vaccines for the people of San Diego County. This panel discussion will feature Andrew Gonzalez, Director of Community Health for CFH, James Schultz MD, Medical Director and Board President for CFH and past president of SDCMS, and Holly Yang MD, immediate past president of SDCMS. They will discuss actions taken, lessons learned, and continued goals for the future as the pandemic evolves in California and San Diego County.

Thursday, November 18th, 9:30 — 10:30 AM
Register HERE for this free event

The approval by the CDC of vaccination for children aged 5 to 11 years has created more need for vaccinations sites here in California. Consequently, the CalVax Grant deadline has been extended until December 17th. Individual practices may receive up to $55,000 to support vaccination efforts, and to be eligible, practices must complete Section A of the myCAVax application process.

Small practice providers can apply to receive $10,000 for up to five vaccination sites for a total of $50,000. Additionally, small practice providers can receive an additional $1,000 per site (up to five sites for an additional $5,000) if their vaccination sites match high priority areas as noted by the CDPH.

Contact calvaxgrant@phcdocs.org or call (916) 551–2565 for more information.

On a lighter note and with physician wellness being at the top of our minds, we've been contacted about an opportunity for health care providers to have some light–hearted fun. The Game Show Network is looking to cast healthcare workers for its hit game show, "America Says". There is a chance to win up to $15,000 and the show's casting agents are looking for contestants that love fill–in–the–blank shows and are general–knowledge savvy! They are currently searching for teams of four, which could consist of family members, friends, co–workers, neighbors etc.

You can apply HERE, or email the casting department directly at AmericaSaysCasting@GameShowNetwork.com should you have any questions.

As always, let me know if you have any questions! Paul Hegyi, CEO

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First Republic Bank
NOV 17, 2021: 6–7:30pm, FREE SDCMS Webinar ‘Understanding the Risks: How to Dismiss a Patient From Your Practice’, Learn to Educate Staff & Colleagues on Reasons You May Need to Dismiss a Patient, How to Develop an Action Plan if Patient Dismissal is Necessary and Ways to Decrease the Need for Potential Patient Dismissals, 1.5 CME Credits, Welcome to Members and Non–Members, Sponsored by The Doctors Company ? CLICK HERE
NOV 22, 2021: 3–4pm, FREE Webinar ‘Medi–Cal Beneficiaries Pharmacy Benefits Change Effective January 1, 2022’, Learn to Understand the Jan 1st Medi–Cal Transition, What is Changing and What is Not, Successfully Register and Navigate the Medi–Cal Rx Provider Portal, Submit a Prior Authorization, Search the Contract Drugs List (CDL), Submit and Manage a Pharmacy Claim, Lookup and Verify a Beneficiary’s Eligibility, Identify Key Points of Contact and Support Resources Available to Administrators. Hosted by SD Health & Human Services Agency & Healthy San Diego, No Registration Required ? WATCH HERE
DEC 7, 2021: 12–1:30pm, CMA Virtual Grand Rounds ‘COVID&ndsah;19 and the Holidays — Where Do We Stand and Updates on Testing and Outpatient Treatment’, Erica Pan, MD, CA’s State Epidemiologist will Update About the State of COVID–19 in California, Testing and COVID–19, Injectable Monoclonal Antibodies: New Options for the Outpatient Setting, 1.5 CME Credits, Welcome to Members and Non–Members, Sponsored in Partnership with CA HHSA, CAPA & OPSC ? CLICK HERE
DEC 7, 2021: 12:15–1:30pm, FREE Webinar ‘Managing Medicare in 2022’, Covers Medicare Updates for the Coming Year Along with Overview of Evaluation and Management (E/M) Changes and Documentation Tips, Targeted Probe and Educate Resumes, Local Coverage Decisions and Collaborative ICDs, Responding to Audits and Appeals, Questions and Answers About Off–Label Use, New Information–Blocking Rules and Patients' Rights: What Doctors Should Know, Sponsored by California Medical Association ? CLICK HERE
DEC 14, 2021: 7–8pm, CMAs FREE Online Wellness Engagement Groups — Tuesday Series, for Physicians Screening/Treating Patients with ACEs or Toxic Stress, 1 CME Credit per Session ? CLICK HERE
AKW Medical
CMA in the Courts ? READ HERE
Podcast ‘What the Health?’  Why Healthcare is so Expensive, Chapter $22K ? LISTEN HERE
CMA Webinar: Telehealth Reimbursement and Privacy Laws: COVID–19 Emergency ? WATCH HERE
CMA Webinar: What is Value–Based Care and What Does it Mean for My Practice? ? WATCH HERE
CMA Webinar: Discussion on COVID–19 Vaccine Mandate and Workplace Issues ? WATCH HERE
SDCMS Webinar: Physician Wellness ? WATCH HERE
SDCMS Webinar: Biosimilars Overview & Policy Landscape ? WATCH HERE
SDCMS’ 151st Virtual Presidential Installation ? WATCH HERE
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