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NYCU June 25, 2024

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TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2024

Paul HegyiPHYSICIANS: Let me draw your attention to an excellent article on the stakes and latest developments related to the need to significantly increase Medi–Cal funding and the California Medical Association–led ‘Protect Access to CareInitiative which has now officially qualified for the November ballot.

This initiative is of tremendous importance and will be the top advocacy priority of CMA and San Diego County Medical Society for this year.

Six California physicians were elected to American Medical Association [AMA] leadership positions at its annual House of Delegates [HOD] meeting this week in Chicago.

Congratulations to our own Toluwalasé [Lasé] A. Ajayi, MD, a San Diego pediatrician, pediatric and adult palliative medicine specialist, and clinical researcher, who was elected Secretary of the AMA Board of Trustees.

First elected an AMA trustee in 2022, Dr. Ajayi is also past chair of the CMA Council on Medical Services and a former president of San Diego County Medical Society.

Also included on that list is San Diego’s Steven L. Chen, MD, a surgical oncologist, was re–elected to the AMA Council on Medical Service, where he previously served as a student, a resident and now as a practicing physician.

Dr. Chen also serves as the legislative chair of the American Society of Breast Surgeons and on several accreditation and quality metric setting bodies, including the National Quality Forum, the AMA’s Physician’s Consortium for Practice Improvement and the Society of Surgical Oncology’s training committee.

David H. Aizuss, MD, a Los Angeles ophthalmologist, was re–elected to and named chair–elect of the AMA Board of Trustees.

A reminder that San Diego Academy of Family Physicians [SDAFP] will be hosting their 67th Annual Postgraduate SymposiumFamily Medicine Update 2024’ on June 2830, 2024 at Paradise Point Resort in Mission Bay.

The two and half day program is designed as a fast paced review of several conditions commonly seen by family physicians. Close to 30 different topics will be covered in addition to allowing for resident participation through several events as well.

SDAFP features the latest evidence–based CME on pertinent issues for today's primary care provider, including the latest in research and most up–to–date treatment recommendations for your clinical practice. Up to 22.25 CME credits are being offered to attendees who complete the program. You can REGISTER HERE.

As always, let me know if you have any questions! Paul Hegyi, CEO

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JUN 28-30, 2024: 7:45am daily, 67th San Diego Academy of Family Physicians [SDAFP] Annual Postgraduate Symposium ‘Family Medicine Update 2024’. Fast paced review of several conditions commonly seen by family physicians. Close to 30 different topics will be covered. 22.25 CME Credits  CLICK HERE
JUL 9, 2024: 12-1pm, FREE Webinar for Members and Non–Members, sponsored by CMA and CDPH, ‘Virtual Grand Rounds: Gender–Affirming Care’. As gender–affirming care takes spotlight on the national scene with new restrictions on physicians in some states, what is the landscape in California? This session discusses gender health equity with leaders from the California Department of Public Health and physicians involved in gender–affirming care. CME available  CLICK HERE
JUL 11, 2024: 10-11am, Sheraton Grand Sacramento, ‘Implementing Cultural and Linguistic Competency & Implicit Bias into your CME Program’. Become familiar with California Correctional Health Care Services, the patients they serve and understand why addressing implicit bias and establishing cultural and linguistic competency is important in Continuing Medical Education. This event is just prior to the 2024 Health Equity Leadership Summit [details below]. CME available  CLICK HERE
JUL 11-12, 2024: Sheraton Grand Sacramento, sponsored by CMA, ‘2024 Health Equity Leadership Summit’. This event provides an opportunity for physicians, executives, advocates and allies to find community, engage in hands–on trainings and workshops, and hold in–depth conversations about how they are addressing the issue of health equity in California through their care of underserved communities throughout the state. Attendees will leave feeling energized and inspired to continue their important work to improve the lives of all Californians. Early–Bird Member $225, Early–Bird Non–member $249, Full Price Member $249, Full Price Non–Member $299, Student/Resident $99  CLICK HERE
JUL 30, 2024: 12:15-1:15pm. FREE Webinar for Members and Non–Members, sponsored by CMA, ‘Workplace Violence Prevention in Ambulatory Care Settings’. Workplace violence in ambulatory settings is increasingly prevalent due to factors common within all health care settings, but also some unique to ambulatory care. Chronic and complex health conditions treated more frequently in outpatient settings pose a risk for increasingly frustrated patients and families to demonstrate escalating behaviors health care workers are not trained to safely respond to. Security resources not as prevalent in outpatient settings create vulnerabilities angered individuals may use to their advantage in a violent manner  CLICK HERE
AUG 8, 2024: 8am-4pm, Hosted Reception AUG 7 6-8pm, FREE Event for Members and Non–Members, sponsored by CMA and The Doctors Company, ‘4th Annual Medical Group Advocacy SymposiumStrategies for Accelerating Health Care Delivery Innovation’. Hear key industry leaders provide insights about health care trends and developments that will have transformational impacts on California’s health care delivery system. Meet passionate industry leaders and health care professionals committed to making a difference. This event offers a casual platform to convene, discuss pertinent advocacy and regulatory concerns, and network with other medical group executives  CLICK HERE
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