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NYCU June 16, 2020

San Diego County Medical Society
TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 2020

Paul HegyiPHYSICIANS:  The San Diego County Medical Society Executive Committee has issued a strong Statement of Support for Public Health Officers in light of the resignation of 7 made since mid–April. Many are targets of threats and harassment.

“The San Diego County Medical Society strongly supports public health officers. SDCMS joins the California Medical Association, California Academy of Family Physicians, and State Senator Richard Pan, MD, in calling for support and protection of our public health officers, especially during the COVID–19 pandemic. Seven county public health officers have resigned since mid–April, the most recent was Dr. Nicole Quick in Orange County who was harassed and threatened for requiring mask use in public to help prevent the spread of COVID. This is untenable. These are public servants who have a difficult job and are vitally necessary, especially now. They require the full support and protection of the community they serve to keep us all healthy. SDCMS condemns this behavior of doxing, targeting, and intimidating physicians for doing their jobs and following the science and their best medical judgment.” To read the rest of the statement CLICK HERE.

On Monday, June 22nd from 11am–12pm, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce is convening a virtual panel, Exploring Cost Savings Solutions in Health Care. Among the possible solutions is increased uptake of biosimilar medicines. The FDA has repeatedly stated that highly–similar versions of biologic medicines, or biosimilars, show no meaningful differences in safety or efficacy. The CMA Board of Trustees recently passed a policy resolution authored by SDCMS physicians in support of the biosimilars market. SDCMS Board Member and CMA Trustee Dr. William T–C Tseng is confirmed to speak alongside Congressman Scott Peters and others on this panel. The Chamber has generously opened the panel invitation to SDCMS members. You can register online if you CLICK HERE.

As always, let me know if you have any questions!  Paul Hegyi, CEO

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