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NYCU June 1, 2021

San Diego County Medical Society

Paul HegyiPHYSICIANS: SDCMS’ 2021 Top Doctors is happening now for physician peers selecting the top five percent (5%) of active San Diego County physicians. We encourage all of our region’s doctors to participate in identifying physicians other physicians trust for their clinical skills during the selection process for this year’s “Physicians of Exceptional Excellence.” CLICK HERE for details and to cast a ballot.

A reminder that Champions for Health’s Soirée, its annual fundraiser, is fast approaching on Saturday, July 10th at 6pm. Champions for Health is SDCMS’ charitable organization and focuses on providing medical support and services for San Diego County’s minority and underserved communities. Champions has been a leader in providing COVID–19 vaccinations to the underserved locally. Please CLICK HERE for tickets to the event or donate to this very worthwhile and important organization.

We had our virtual installation of new officers for San Diego County Medical Society last week, with Dr. Sergio Flores taking over the SDCMS Presidency from Dr. Holly Yang. Because last year’s installation gala was cancelled due to COVID–19, we also named distinguished award recipients for both 2020 and 2021.

Last year’s SDCMS President, Dr. James H. Schultz named Dr. Nick Yphantides as the recipient of the 2020 James Hay Award for exceptional service to our community. Dr. Nick, as he prefers to be called, was Chief Medical Officer for San Diego County when COVID–19 hit and his leadership is credited as a primary reason why San Diego had the quickest and most efficient COVID response in California. He helped establish Monoclonal Antibody Regional Centers, helped secure Federal Aid Centers in San Diego and Imperial Counties and paved the way for cross–border relief efforts in Tijuana and Mexicali.

Dr. Holly Yang named Dr. Rodney Hood as the 2021 James Hay Award recipient. Dr. Hood is one of the first African–American students to graduate from UCSD Medical School and is a longtime leader in San Diego’s medical community. He serves as a trusted messenger for Black and other underrepresented communities in San Diego’s healthcare system. Dr. Hood is a former President of the National Medical Association (NMA), led the formation of the COVID–19 Equity Task Force in San Diego, helped the NMA establish their COVID–19 Task Force, serves as one of San Diego County’s Vaccine Advisory Group Tri–Chairs, and was appointed by Gov. Newsom to the California Scientific Safety Review Workgroup that evaluates COVID vaccines.

We also started a new award of Presidential Citations to recognize a small number of individuals who have gone above and beyond in services to SDCMS and our community. Dr. Schultz awarded one 2020 Presidential Citations to Dr. Jess Mandel, a Pulmonologist, Critical Care specialist and Kenneth M. Moser Professor of Medicine at UCSD. Dr. Mandel was a key behind the scenes resource for both San Diego County and SDCMS in their COVID response. Even more significantly, Dr. Mandel helped organize COVID relief efforts south of the border in Tijuana and Mexicali. His efforts along with those of others helped save hundreds of lives, reduced the cross–border spread of COVID, and provided much needed support to our southern counterparts.

The other recipient of a 2020 Presidential Citation named by Dr. Schultz is Dr. Andres Smith. Dr. Smith is an ER physician working for Vituity and Director of Emergency Services at Sharp Chula Vista and also serves as the President of Cruz Roja de Tijuana, helping direct a hospital there and the only EMS service in a city of over a million people. Dr. Smith was also central to the cross–border relief efforts. Like Dr. Mandel, Dr. Smith’s heroic efforts helped save hundreds of lives and reduce the spread of cross–border COVID.

Dr. Yang named Dr. Asha Devereaux as one of the recipients of the 2021 Presidential Citations. Dr. Devereaux is a Pulmonary and Critical Care physician and former 11–year veteran and Commander in the US Navy. She provided exceptional leadership and support to COVID response efforts in San Diego and Imperial Counties. She repeatedly deployed to Imperial to serve patients in an alternative care site in a gymnasium. She was a leader in helping immunize healthcare workers in San Diego County and was a tireless resource for SDMCS and Dr. Yang in helping with our COVID response.

Finally, Dr. Yang named Dr. James H. Schultz as her other recipient of the 2021 Presidential Citation. She cited Dr. Schultz’s invaluable support, wisdom and expertise during a very challenging year. Dr. Schultz was a leader in SDCMS’ COVID response, was central to organizing and running the Clinical Town Halls, and deployed to Orange County at a nursing home when there was a critical need for staff during the pandemic. Along with Dr. Mandel and Dr. Smith, he also was a key part of organizing and assisting with the efforts to provide support and supplies south of the border to help with their COVID response.

As always, let me know if you have any questions! Paul Hegyi, CEO

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2021 Top Doctors
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