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NYCU July 31, 2017

MONDAY, JULY 31, 2017
Paul Hegyi
PHYSICIANS:As younow know, the Senate defeated the 'Skinny Repeal Bill' in the early hours of last Friday.
Shortly thereafter, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pulled the reconciliation bill from consideration. He then went on to say "It's Time to Move On" and signaled that 'it is time for the GOP to be open to compromises on Obamacare as the American People Need Relief'.
This movement from the Majority Leader is good news. We know that healthcare reform is necessary and critical but cannot and should not happen without broad bi-partisan contributions to the process.
As we have seen from the last several years when "reform" is done by one lone party healthcare becomes an issue of polarization. In the end, everyone suffers from that consequence.
Now is the time for us to call on the leaders of all parties and ourrepresentatives to come together to do what is right and compromise on a positive solution. It will be more important than ever for us to remain activelocally to make certain our voices are heard.
We have included several articles regarding the lead up to the votes this past week and will keep you informed as things continue to progress.
As always, letme know if you have any questions! Paul Hegyi, CEO, SDCMS.
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