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NYCU July 19, 2022

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TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2022


Monkeypox is emerging as a real concern among the medical community. To that end, the American Medical Association is working to inform and educate physicians about this disease:

AMA published a news article on July 1, ‘What Doctors Wish Patients Knew About Monkeypox’ — it also features the new AMA News Wire audio article capabilities
Monkeypox Topic Index Page created to serve as a resource center, and includes links to JAMA and CDC resources
Also featured in the index page and published July 13, is ‘Monkeypox: Physician Frequently Asked Questions
Published July 14, are web, video, and podcast versions of AMA Moving Medicine episode, ‘Monkeypox Numbers, Treatment and Prevention with Two CDC Experts’
Also published on July 14, is their ‘definitions’ landing page, is ‘What Is Monkeypox’, which is intended to drive traffic to the AMA website by ranking highly in search engines and thereby better informing the public

San Diego County recently announced that, “People experiencing a suicide, mental health or substance use crisis will now be able to call or text to a three–digit 988 dialing code to get help for themselves or a loved one.”

“Starting July 16, San Diegans will be able to call 988 and be connected to a trained counselor who can help them and connect them to services in the area where they live. This new service is in addition to the County’s Access and Crisis Line (ACL) at (888) 724–7240.” For more information, CLICK HERE.

Many SDCMS members are familiar with the San Diego Annual Liver Walk organized by San Diego Liver Coalition with Scott Suckow, Executive Director. This time it will help Asian Pacific Health Foundation raise $20,000 to purchase a new bone densitometer to be used for osteoporosis screening in the community. Originally scheduled in mid–July, the Seven Bridges Walk is extended to Saturday, October 1st, 2022. For more information or to donate, CLICK HERE.

In other news, Aetna recently announced it will no longer require pre–approval for most cataract surgeries. This decision came a year after Aetna implemented a policy requiring all cataract surgeries to be “pre–certified,” claiming that it would “help members avoid unnecessary surgery.”

California Medical Association (CMA) and others in organized medicine strongly objected to this policy, which created unnecessary delays and obstacles for patients and physicians, reducing availability of health care services and increasing insurance company profits at the expense of patient care.

An estimated 10,000 to 20,000 Aetna beneficiaries had their cataract surgeries unnecessarily delayed in just the first month after Aetna’s prior authorization requirement took effect, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).

California Medical Association (CMA) continues to fight for medical decisions to be made by trained medical professionals instead of entities focused on the bottom line. This is why CMA is supporting legislation at the state and federal levels that would streamline and standardize prior authorization requirements.

A final reminder that you can come mingle, socialize, and network with your colleagues, and bring your spouse/significant other to our next physician networking opportunity and mixer on Thursday evening, July 28th, from 5:30 — 8:30 PM at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens in Liberty Station.

Complimentary hor d’oeuvres and drinks will be provided. There is no charge for current society members or their guests to attend this hosted event as included in SDCMS’ benefit offerings. Space is limited and RSVPs are required, so register now, and please spread the word. This is our first mixer since 2019!

As always, let me know if you have any questions! Paul Hegyi, CEO

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AKW Medical
JUL 25, 2022: 6:30–9:30pm, Free Webinar, Asian Pacific Health Foundation Presents ‘Continuing Education on Hepatitis B and Latent Tuberculosis’. Zoom link will be emailed to those who register. PharmD, RPh, and CPhT will receive 2.0 C.E. from California Accreditation for Pharmacy Education (CAPE) credit from UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SSPPS)  CLICK HERE
JUL 28, 2022: 5:30–8:30pm, SDCMS Physician Social, Stone Brewing Bistro & Gardens Liberty Station, 2816 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106. Please note this event is open exclusively to physicians and their guests and space is limited so rsvps are required. SDCMS members and non–members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Complimentary light appetizers and hosted wine and craft beer will be provided.  CLICK HERE
AUG 24, 2022: 6–7:30pm, FREE SDCMS Webinar ‘Financial Wellness for Physicians Part 1’, a 2–part series designed to help physicians manage important financial decisions by expanding financial knowledge, topics to include savings and investing, financial trust basics, and saving for retirement, welcome to members and non–members, hosted in partnership with Bank of America Private Bank  CLICK HERE
SEP 14, 2022: 6–7:30pm, FREE SDCMS Webinar ‘Financial Wellness for Physicians Part 2’, a 2–part series designed to help physicians manage important financial decisions by expanding financial knowledge, topics to include starting a business, giving back, and navigating income taxes, welcome to members and non–members, hosted in partnership with Bank of America Private Bank  CLICK HERE
SEP 28, 2022: 6–7:30pm, FREE SDCMS Webinar ‘Top Five Risks for Your Practice’, increase your awareness and understanding of the top five risks associated with medical practices, receive guidance and strategies to help reduce your practice risks, welcome to members and non–members, hosted in partnership with The Doctors Company  CLICK HERE
OCT 6, 2022: 9:30am–4pm, Virtual 19th Annual NEPO (Network of Ethnic Physician Organizations) Summit: Beyond Unconscious Bias to Health Care Equity. The summit will cover topics critical to diverse physicians and patients including reproductive and maternal health outcome disparities, women physician well–being, and practice transformation.  CLICK HERE
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