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NYCU February 18, 2020

San Diego County Medical Society

Paul HegyiPHYSICIANS:  I'm happy to share that after much work and effort by the California Medical Association, Noridian, the California Medicare contractor, has recently advised that it will begin reprocessing claims impacted by errors in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Geographic Practice Cost Indices (GPCIs) file.

In the proposed 2020 Medicare Physician Payment Rule, CMA physician analysts found numerous errors in the California geographic payments. After CMA notified CMS, those errors were corrected. However, the CMA physician analysts found that CMS had made additional mistakes with the California geographic payments in the final rule. Once again, CMA worked with CMS to get the necessary changes made.

Now that the corrected payment amounts are in its system, Noridian has begun this past week to begin to process and mass adjust all affected claims. Physicians do not need to take any action. Physicians with questions can call (855) 609-9960 or visit the Noridian website for more information.

CMA is also offering two upcoming webinars that may be of interest to you. On February 27th, from 12:15 — 1:15pm, Mitzi Young will be conducting a webinar on Customer Service: Improving the Patient Experience. Mitzi is the physician advocate for the CMA and Riverside County Medical Association. She will discuss how to improve the patient experience, having transparency with your patients, and effectively communicating, connecting and building trust with patients and their family members. To register CLICK HERE.

On March 3rd, from 12:15 — 1:15pm, there is a webinar on Medical Staff Bylaws: Help for California Physicians, which will discuss how medical staffs should not be rushed or pressured into adopting bylaws that limit physician rights or divert medical staff authority. This webinar will provide the tools necessary to support effective medical staff operations and self–governance. To register CLICK HERE.

As always, let me know if you have any questions!  Paul Hegyi, CEO

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