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"News You Can Use" <> May 29, 2014



Please Tell Us Your Stories That Demonstrate Medi-Cal Network Inadequacy and Hindered Access to Continuous, Quality Care: Click Here to Tell Your Story

Executive Director Comment: If you want things to change in Sacramento (i.e., if you want the prospective 10% Medi-Cal cut rescinded), you need to tell consequential stories about the impact of this decision on your patients. You can make a difference; please take the time to tell us your stories!

Financial and Legal Life Skills Workshop This Saturday! Covering financial, legal, real estate, taxes and accounting, time vs. money, insurance, picking your advisors. May 31, 8:00am–12:00pm. For SDCMS members only. Email me at Gehring@SDCMS.org for information or to RSVP. Click here for further information on the workshop agenda. 

SDCMS’s 2014 White Coat Gala on Saturday, June 14, 2014: At the Hyatt La Jolla at Aventine from 6:00pm to 11:00pm. Email JOhmstede@SDCMS.org.

The 2014 Selection Process for “Physicians of Exceptional Excellence” Is Open:

To Vote if You Are an SDCMS Member:

  • If we have your email address, your 2014 ballot invitation to vote for this year’s “Physicians of Exceptional Excellence” was emailed to you with instructions and your password.
  • If we do not have your email, we mailed you your ballot.
  • If you have any questions, contact James Beaubeaux at James.Beaubeaux@SDCMS.org, at (619) 851-1235, or click here.

To Vote if You Are a Nonmember:

Surviving Covered California, Tip Sheet #4 From CMA: To help answer some of the more common questions and to assist physician practices in surviving this major change in healthcare, CMA has created its fourth “Surviving Covered California” tip sheet. For more information on Covered California, along with addition exchange resources, visit CMA’s exchange resource center at www.cmanet.org/exchange.


The Medical Staff of Fallbrook Hospital Has Contributed $5,000 to Defend MICRA: Since the California Hospital Association continues to match medical staff contributions 2:1, the Fallbrook Hospital medical staff’s contribution brings total San Diego County medical staff contributions to just shy of $1 million! To learn more about MICRA and how you can defend it, click here.


Tattoo-associated Skin Infections in San Diego: Click Here

Mercury Poisoning Linked to Skin-lightening / Acne Creams From Mexico: Click Here


Brown Releases Budget That Ups Medi-Cal Spending but Does Not Restore Reimbursement Cuts: Click here for information on the Brown budget. Click here for further details from CMA.

CMA Has Sponsored Two Bills to Address the Problems in Medi-Cal:

  • AB 1805 (Skinner) will reverse the 10% Medi-Cal provider payment cut adopted in June 2011 and implemented late last year.
  • AB 1759 (Pan) will extend through 2015 and beyond the ACA provision that increases primary care physician Medi-Cal payments to Medicare levels, which is set to expire at the end of this year.

Reminder: Physicians Who Wish to Opt Out of Blue Cross's Exchange Network Must Do So by June 30: Click Here for Details

Cal MediConnect Resources for SDCMS Members:

  • Click here to watch SDCMS's May 1 seminar titled “Cal Mediconnect: What You Need To Know” [contact SDCMS for login assistance at (858) 565-8888 or at Membership@SDCMS.org].
  • Contact your physician advocate, Marisol Gonzalez, for a letter geared towards patients who are with the “contracting physician” or the “non-contracting physician,” or if you have any further questions about the Cal MediConnect program: MGonzalez@SDCMS.org or at (858) 300-2783.


East County Physician Networking Opportunity & Mixer on July 10, 5:00pm–8:00pm: Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be served! Near Grossmont Hospital. To RSVP, email your name and telephone number to Jen at JOhmstede@SDCMS.org or click here to RSVP online. Questions? Call Jen at (858) 300-2781.

“Trauma Across the Lifespan” CME / CEU Event: Jointly Sponsored by the American Psychiatric Association and the San Diego Psychiatric Society on June 7–8 at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine: Click Here

SDCMS Physicians (Including Retired Physicians), Family, and Friends Are Invited to Attend a Sunday, July 13 Production of "Ether Dome" at the La Jolla Playhouse: Included is a mixer at 5:30pm at the new Jame's Place, where light appetizers of sliders, fish tacos, and sushi will be served, as well as one drink ticket toward a glass of wine or beer. The play will began at 7:00pm following the mixer. $45 per person. Click here and enter the promo code SDCMSF to order tickets, but do so by May 31!


Ask Your SDCMS Physician Advocate, Marisol Gonzalez:

  • Member Question: My physician needs to opt out of Medicare every two years. We usually go through Palmetto GBA, but I’m wondering if the intermediary has changed? I’ve tried contacting them and I’m just getting the runaround. The doctor needs to be opted out by August, and we’re starting the process early. How do I do this, and who do I notify?
  • Answer: Noridian took over as the intermediary for Medicare on September 16, 2013, and because of this there is a new opt-out affidavit form. This affidavit can be downloaded directly from Noridian’s website. Once the form is filled out and signed by your physician, it can be sent to: Noridian JE Part B, PO Box 6775, Fargo, ND 58108-6775. If you intend to send it certified mail, you will need to send it to this address: 900 42nd St. S, PO Box 6775, Fargo, ND 58103. SDCMS members can email Marisol Gonzalez, your SDCMS physician advocate, to obtain the affidavit form directly: MGonzalez@SDCMS.org.

SDCMS Members-only Benefit DocbookMD Now Available on the Web! Log in using the same email and password you use to log in to DocbookMD on your phone or tablet. Contact DocbookMD if you need help logging in at support@docbookmd.com or at (888) 930-2048.

Sample Patient Termination Letter From CMA: Click Here

CMA Practice Resources for June 2014:

Do You Have the New or the Old Form of Disability Coverage? The new covers your overhead expenses and pays you a personal income benefit if you are too sick or too hurt to work. The rates are increasing after August 31. Until then, women get up to a 43% discount on their premiums, and men get one 10% discount. Arrange for your SDCMS complimentary review of coverage through Wealth Legacy Group by calling R. J. Kelly at (619) 972-4488.

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Covered California Resources for SDCMS-CMA Members:

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