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Meet Our Leadership Team

We are proud to have a diverse membership at SDCMS, one that reflects the distinct make-up of our San Diego County communities.


  • President: David E.J. Bazzo, MD, FAAFP, CAQSM
  • President-elect: James H. Schultz Jr., MD
  • Secretary: Holly B. Yang, MD
  • Treasurer: Sergio R. Flores, MD
  • Immediate Past President: Mark W. Sornson, MD, PhD

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Geographic Directors

  • East County #1: Venu Prabaker, MD
  • East County #2: Rakesh R. Patel, MD
  • East County #3: Jane A. Lyons, MD
  • Hillcrest #1: Gregory M. Balourdas, MD
  • Hillcrest #2: Thomas C. Lian, MD
  • Kearny Mesa #1: Jamie M. Jordan, MD
  • Kearny Mesa #2: Alexander K. Quick, MD
  • La Jolla #1: Laura H. Goetz, MD
  • La Jolla #2: Marc M. Sedwitz, MD, FACS
  • North County #1: Patrick A. Tellez, MD
  • North County #2: Christopher M. Bergeron, MD, FACS
  • North County #3: Veena A. Prabhakar, DO
  • South Bay #1: Irineo "Reno" D. Tiangco, MD
  • South Bay #2: Maria T. Carriedo, MD

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Geographic Alternate Directors

  • East County: Heidi M. Meyer, MD
  • Hillcrest: Kyle P. Edmonds, MD
  • Kearny Mesa #1: Anthony E. Magit, MD
  • Kearny Mesa #2: Eileen R. Quintela, MD
  • La Jolla: Wayne C. Sun, MD
  • North County: Franklin M. Martin, MD
  • South Bay: Karrar H. Ali, DO

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At-large Directors

  • #1: Thomas J. Savides, MD
  • #2: Paul J. Manos, DO
  • #3: Alexandra E. Page, MD
  • #4: Nicholas J. Yphantides, MD
  • #5: Stephen R. Hayden, MD (Delegation Chair)
  • #6: Marcella (Marci) M. Wilson, MD
  • #7: Toluwalase (Lase) A. Ajayi, MD (Board Representative to Executive Committee)
  • #8: Robert E. Peters, MD

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At-large Alternate Directors

  • #1: Karl E. Steinberg, MD
  • #2: Steven L-W Chen, MD, FACS, MBA
  • #3: Susan Kaweski, MD
  • #4: Al Ray, MD
  • #5: Preeti Mehta, MD
  • #6: Vimal I. Nanavati, MD, FACC, FSCAI
  • #7: Peter O. Raudaskoski, MD
  • #8: Kosala Samarasinghe, MD

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Additional Voting Directors

  • Communications Chair: William T-C Tseng, MD
  • Finance Committee Chair: J. Steven Poceta, MD
  • Resident Physician Director: Trisha Morshed, MD
  • Retired Physician Director: David Priver, MD
  • Medical Student Director: Margaret Meagher

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Additional Non-voting Members

  • Alternate Resident Physician Director: Zachary T. Berman, MD
  • Alternate Retired Physician Director: Mitsuo Tomita, MD\
  • San Diego Physician Editor: James Santiago Grisolia, MD
  • CMA Past President: James T. Hay, MD
  • CMA Past President: Robert E. Hertzka, MD (Legislative Committee Chair)
  • CMA Past President: Ralph R. Ocampo, MD, FACS
  • CMA President: Theodore M. Mazer, MD
  • CMA Trustee: William T-C Tseng, MD
  • CMA Trustee: Robert E. Wailes, MD
  • CMA Trustee: Sergio R. Flores, MD

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CMA Trustees

  • Robert E. Wailes, MD
  • William T-C Tseng, MD, MPH
  • Sergio R. Flores, MD

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AMA Delegates and Alternate Delegates:

  • District 1 AMA Delegate: James T. Hay, MD
  • District 1 AMA Alternate Delegate: Mihir Y. Parikh, MD
  • At-large AMA Delegate: Albert Ray, MD 
  • At-large AMA Delegate: Theodore M. Mazer, MD
  • At-large AMA Alternate Delegate: Robert E. Hertzka, MD 
  • At-large AMA Alternate Delegate: Holly B. Yang, MD

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