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Seeking Two Physicians for the HOD Resident Fellow Section

SDCMS is seeking two resident physicians to serve on the Resident Fellow Section (RFS) Delegation for this year’s CMA House of Delegates (HOD). Requirements to serve include being an active resident member of SDCMS-CMA and being able to attend all of HOD (October 15–16, 2016 in Sacramento). If interested in being nominated or for additional information, please contact Jen Ohmstede at (858) 300-2781 or via email at JOhmstede@SDCMS.org. The deadline to submit nominations is Friday, July 15, 2016. Travel expenses for the RFS delegates are ...

2015 CMA HOD Reference Committee Reports

Combined Reference Committee Reports Reference Committee A Report: Science and Public Health Reference Committee B Report:  Government Health Programs / Health System Reform Reference Committee C Report: CMA Membership, Finance, and Governance Reference Committee D Report: Insurance and Physician Reimbursement Reference Committee E Report: Quality, Ethics, and Medical Practice Issues Reference Committee F Report: Health Professions and Facilities