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NYCU February 12, 2019

San Diego Medical Society CEO Paul Hegyi shares that Physicians for a Healthy California (PHC), the CMA's charity organization, just announced that $38 million in tobacco tax (Prop. 56) revenue has been awarded to 73 Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs across California to fund 156 slots for physician residencies. These residencies are to help under served communities and San Diego County has received several of these slots.

NYCU Janaury 29, 2019

San Diego County Medical Society CEO Paul Hegyi issues an urgent warning to San Diego physicians about a scam targeting local doctors. Criminals posing as DEA Agents attempt to coerce cash out of physicians by claiming it is needed to post a criminal bond. The DEA is aware of the scam and Paul shares their advice on what to do if contacted by these criminals.

NYCU January 15, 2019

San Diego County Medical Society CEO Paul Hegyi highlights the first budget of new California Governor Gavin Newsom and its focus on health care as a top priority. Hegyi also draws attention to the Governor's proposal to use the leverage of bulk sales to bring down the cost of pharmaceuticals for consumers and state government.

NYCU January 4, 2019

San Diego County Medical Society President Paul Hegyi discusses CMA's efforts to gain a transition period for implementation guidelines from the State of California on new security requirements for prescription pads. He also announces that the SDCMS Nominations Committee has offered up a slate of candidates for the 2019-20 Board of Directors and the steps necessary for anyone who wishes to be nominated by petition.

NYCU December 18, 2018

San Diego County Medical Society CEO Paul Hegyi talks about the Year End Review of a very successful 2018 for the California Medical Association and its members. CMA secured Prop. 56 funding, blocked destructive legislation which would have hurt California doctors and their patients, and obtained a record $11 million from payers for medical practices having payment issues. Hegyi also wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

NYCU December 5, 2018

San Diego County Medical Society CEO Paul Hegyi discusses his recent trip to Sacramento for the Swearing-In Ceremony for the new Legislature. Paul points out CMA's successful legislative record during the previous Legislative Session and that health care will once again be a major issue for the new Legislature.

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