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NYCU, Tuesday, October 24, 2017

In this issue, CEO Paul Hegyi discusses the election of San Diego physican Ted Mazer as the new President of CMA and the House of Delegates meeting in Anaheim over the weekend.

"News You Can Use" <> November 4, 2016

In the November 4, 2016, issue of SDCMS's e-newsletter, "News You Can Use," SDCMS president, Dr. Parikh, shares a link to his latest video update where he talks about CMA’s annual HOD meeting, MACRA, MOC, Dr. Ted Mazer’s being elected CMA president-elect, Dr. Lase Ajayi’s being inducted as CMA YPS chair, AB 72 confusion and resources, the upcoming general election, and medical missions’ being highlighted in the December issue of San Diego Physician magazine.

"News You Can Use" <> October 21, 2016

In the October 21, 2016, issue of SDCMS's e-newsletter, "News You Can Use," SDCMS president, Dr. Parikh, talks about CMA's recent HOD meeting, the topics discussed there, the several awards bestowed upon SDCMS members, and more …

"News You Can Use" <> October 1, 2015

The Oct. 1 issue of our e-newsletter, "News You Can Use," covers our physician workforce and compensation survey, our medical office staff salary survey, upcoming events, including the Top Doctors celebration on Oct. 10, and more …

"News You Can Use" <> December 2, 2014

The December 2 issue of our e-newsletter covers topics ranging from becoming an SDCMS board member to attending a free dinner for solo/small-group physicians.

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