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NYCU July 31, 2018

CEO Paul Hegyi discusses the difficulties of the TRICARE transition as well as why Proposition 8 is bad for dialysis patients and strongly opposed by the California Medical Association.

"News You Can Use" <> March 13, 2017

In the March 13, 2017, issue of SDCMS's e-newsletter, "News You Can Use," SDCMS president, Dr. Parikh, mentions his latest video recording, where he talks briefly about the AHCA and AMA's and CMA's positions on it, Dr. Mazer's interview on the subject on KUSI, and the Feb. and March issues of San Diego Physician magazine.

"News You Can Use" <> September 29, 2016

In the September 29, 2016, issue of SDCMS's e-newsletter, "News You Can Use," SDCMS president, Dr. Parikh, shares his fifth video update, where he talks about the Yes on 56 campaign supplies available at SDCMS, the last chance to sign up for the Champions for Health Oct. 1 Sunset 5K Run / Walk at Fletcher Cove, the County's 15-minute survey to gauge physician knowledge of vector-borne diseases, and our Nov. 3 physician social and Dec. 1 Medicare seminar / webinar.

"News You Can Use" <> June 10, 2016

The June 10, 2016, issue of SDCMS's e-newsletter, "News You Can Use," covers the new Aid in Dying Option Act, Medicare quality reporting programs, SDCMS's August 5 physician social, and more …

"News You Can Use" <> February 4, 2016

The Feb. 4 issue of our e-newsletter, "News You Can Use," looks at our upcoming Medicare seminar and webinar, Zika virus updates and resources, Love Your Heart Day, and more …

"News You Can Use" <> June 16, 2015

The June 16 edition of SDCMS's e-newsletter, "News You Can Use," covers Top Docs voting, leadership training, Medicare payment adjustments, and more …

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