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Stay Informed

Stay Abreast of Legislation and Regulations

  • CMA’s Legislative Hot List provides a summary and the current status of CMA-sponsored bills and other significant legislation.
  • CMA’s Regulations Quick List provides summaries and status updates on various regulations being tracked by CMA.

Your Practice Management Questions Answered

  • Questions About Audits
  • OK to Charge Patients for Missed Appointments?
  • Selecting, Buying, and Implementing an EHR
  • Office Equipment Appraisal Recommendations
  • Looking to Purchase a Computer Server and Don’t Know Where to Begin
  • Issues With Medi-Cal’s Stopping Payments on Checks
  • Problems With a Health Plan’s Repeatedly Denying Payment
  • And More … !

Don’t Miss Important Practice Deadlines!

  • Health Plan Fee Schedule Changes
  • Medicare Participation
  • Legislation and Regulation Comment Periods
  • Loan Repayment Program Deadlines
  • And so many more … !

Stay Abreast of the Latest Health Alerts

Understand Your Economic Power!

  • 3,500 Independent, Office-based San Diego County Physicians Contribute $6.7 Billion to the Local Economy
  • 4,600 Large Group, Hospital, and Administrative Physicians Contribute $950 Million

Total Economic Contribution of San Diego County’s Physicians: $5.4 Billion – $7.6 Billion!

Stay Informed How? How We Communicate With You

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  • And More …

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