Monday, May 20, 2019


Protect Patients

SDCMS's Charitable Arm, Champions for Health's Project Access San Diego:

  • Millions in Donated Care by San Diego County Doctors, Hospitals, and Ancillary Providers
  • Minimal Impact to Office Staff Due to Intensive Case Management Provided
  • Visits Are Efficient for Doctors As All Labs and Imaging Is Done Prior to Visit
  • Patients Connected Back to Medical Homes for Follow-up

State Public Health Initiatives

Local Public Health Initiatives:

  • Our Obesity Epidemic: A Call to Action
  • WAKE UP! Curbing Prescription Drug Abuse Among Teenagers
  • San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Health Services Advisory Board, County of San Diego
  • Healthy San Diego
  • San Diegans for Healthcare Coverage
  • Mental Health America of San Diego County
  • San Diego Suicide Prevention Council
  • 3-4-50: Chronic Disease Deaths in San Diego County
  • And More … !

San Diego County’s Uninsured:

  • Hundreds of physician volunteers with SDCMS's charitable arm, Champions for Health's Project Access San Diego have assisted thousands of uninsured adults in the community in receiving specialty health services.
  • SDCMS-CMA prevented any diversion of $55 million in Maddy Fund monies, which provide critical resources to reimburse physicians for uncompensated care provided in the ER.
  • SDCMS-CMA protected funding for the Emergency Services Commission, which oversees planning for emergency services.

Health Information Exchange (HIE):

  • SDCMS Has Been Intimately Involved in the San Diego Beacon Community / San Diego Health Connect From the Beginning in Order to Ensure That All Physicians Are Able to Benefit!

And More:

  • SDCMS’ Professional Conduct Committee reviews complaints from patients and physicians to avoid complaints escalating to the Medical Board of California or to litigation.
  • SDCMS gives physician referrals over the phone to the patients of SDCMS member physicians.

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