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SDCMS Committees

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Standing Committees

Bylaws Committee: Considers all proposed bylaws changes, makes recommendations to the board of directors, and develops SDCMS policy recommendations. Meets as needed.

Communications Committee: Coordinates — in cooperation with the board of directors and the executive director — both internal communications (communications between and among SDCMS leadership, committees, and members) and external communications (SDCMS communications with outside stakeholders, including communications media). Meets monthly, concurrently with the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee: Vested with the power and authority of the board of directors, with exceptions, as stated in the bylaws. Meets monthly.

Finance Committee: Reviews monthly financial statements, prepares succeeding annual budgets, monitors annual audit, and makes recommendations to treasurer regarding implementation. Looks at business proposals for nondues revenue. Meets quarterly, concurrently with the Executive Committee.

Medical Review and Advisory Committee: Implements the provisions of the agreement between SDCMS and The Doctors Company for review of applications for professional liability insurance. It shall be the duty of the committee to cooperate with the insurance carrier in the promotion and conduction of educational programs relating to the causes and prevention of malpractice claims. Meets twice yearly.

Membership Committee: Enhances member development. Meets as needed.

Nominating Committee: Selects one or more candidates for each office wherein a vacancy shall exist at the next annual meeting. The committee’s work shall be completed on or before July 1. Meets as directed by the chair.

Professional Conduct Committee: Reviews complaints from patients and physicians concerning services, fees, or professional conduct. Adjudicates cases in keeping with SDCMS policy. Meets as needed.

Other Committees

Elections Committee: Oversees all phases of elections in order to ensure that all bylaws, policies, and procedures are followed. Meets on Election Day.

Legislative Committee: Monitors legislative activity pertaining to medicine at the federal, state, and local levels, maintains and promotes close liaisons with elected officials. Meets as needed.

San Diego Physician Editorial Board: Coordinates — in cooperation with the board of directors and executive director — communications presented in San Diego Physician magazine. Meets quarterly.

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