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Different Membership Categories

Regular Member:

A physician who is a regular, active member with no unusual membership type.

Resident Physician Member:

A physician who is a resident member.

Medical Student Member:

An individual who is a medical student.

Retired Member:

A physician who is retired.

Affiliate Member:

A physician who is a member of more than one county medical society. An affiliate member would have his or her primary CMA membership with another county in California and would also be a member of SDCMS.

Associate Member:

A physician with an out-of-state medical license who therefore qualifies for a special discount membership. An associate member cannot have a valid California medical license.

Government Member:

A physician who receives at least 50% of his or her salary from government.

Leave of Absence Member:

A physician who requests and is granted a special leave-of-absence membership due to illness, maternity, etc.

Member on Probation:

A physician who was a member when the Medical Board of California placed him or her on probation.

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