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Top Doctors 2022

2022 ELECTION: MAY 9 — JUNE 20

San Diego County Medical Society (SDCMS) invites you to participate in the selection process for “Physicians of Exceptional Excellence Top Doctors 2022.

SDCMS Leadership wishes this process, while not perfect, to be fair, open and honest for physician peers selecting the top five percent (5%) of active San Diego County physicians.

Several years ago we significantly improved the selection process to ensure a more proportionate representation between modes of practice — balancing the selectees between large groups and the solo, small and medium practices. But if you don’t vote, the process improvements won’t help.

Furthermore, we’ve simplified the process by utilizing one ballot that lists every physician who holds a valid California medical license practicing in San Diego County.

Enhancements have been added to expedite balloting for participants. The election is fully compatible with mobile devices and offers robust dynamic searching, including an Advanced Search feature with additional criteria to aid in quickly identifying physicians for selection.

When making your selections, we ask you to consider the following:
  • Vote for at least 4 physicians in your own specialty
  • Select physicians you would personally see or refer patients to
  • Select physicians who exhibit excellence in leadership, teaching/research and humanitarian services

You may select up to 10 physicians.

  • SDCMS proactively invites our members to participate by email and mail, so simply click or visit the unique URL sent to you
    If you cannot locate your invitation, CLICK HERE to authenticate your identity and cast a ballot
  • You’ll be automatically redirected to the election platform to search for eligible physicians to nominate
  • Before voting cross–specialty, select physicians of exceptional excellence in your own specialty first
    i.e., someone you would take a close family member to if they were in need of that specialist
  • Enter your identifying information where prompted
  • Validated eligible voters will be redirected to the election platform to make selections and cast a ballot
  • Unauthenticated registrants will automatically receive a response for further assistance in voting

The balloting process represents our effort at a transparent, auditable, and fair means of identifying physicians other physicians trust for their clinical skills. To ensure a representative selection we strongly encourage and request that everyone take five minutes or fewer to vote.

Your electronic ballot or mail–in ballot (if requested) must be received no later than 11:59 PM on Monday, June 20, 2022. Contact SDCMS’ Director of Finance and Membership, Brandon Ethridge, via email at Brandon.Ethridge@SDCMS.org or by phone at (858) 565-8888 should you experience any difficulty voting electronically.

If you are a member of SDCMS and unable to use the Internet to vote, please indicate that you desire a hardcopy ballot by emailing SDCMS@SDCMS.org. A paper ballot will be mailed to you with the appropriate security precautions. No faxed ballots will be accepted. Non–SDCMS members must use the Internet to vote.

If you suspect that there are errors on the ballot — either the failure to list a physician you feel might be eligible or the listing of a physician you feel is not in active practice — please also email Brandon Ethridge immediately with any inputs, suggestions, or comments. Errors reported to and confirmed by SDCMS will be promptly corrected.

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