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The Campaign to Lift the MICRA Cap Is Underway

To: Patients & Providers to Protect Access and Contain Health Costs
From: Jim DeBoo, Campaign Manager 
RE: The Campaign to Lift the MICRA Cap is Underway

November 4, 2013

The campaign to lift the MICRA cap is underway. Last week, the Consumer Attorneys of California kicked in hundreds of thousands of dollars to bankroll the initiative. In turn, expect to see signature gatherers at your local grocery stores.

From the early stages of this campaign, we've witnessed the Consumer Attorneys intent to mislead the voters. They already have attempted to make this initiative about patient safety and have tried to gloss over lifting the MICRA cap by adding the window dressing of drug testing doctors. They know if voters understand the dire consequences associated with lifting the cap — the potential loss of their doctors and the amount of money they will be paying that goes straight into trial attorney's pockets — voters will oppose the measure. The non-partisan Legislative Analyst's Office estimates that lifting the MICRA cap would cost local governments and the state hundreds of millions of dollars annually. These dollars are currently spent on public safety, protecting the safety net, and clinical care. This amount doesn't take into consideration the hit to taxpayers. Overall, lifting the cap would cost Californian's billions of dollars. 

MICRA was put into place by a wave of frivolous lawsuits that drove healthcare costs to unprecedented levels; now we face that fight once again, and we need your help.

Please distribute the documents below to your members. One is a quick refresher on MICRA and the second a quick review of the initiative.

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Together we'll protect our healthcare system.

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Paid for by Patients, Providers, and Healthcare Insurers to Protect Access and Contain Health Costs, with major funding from California Medical Association Physicians' Issues Committee and NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company.

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