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SDCMS Board of Directors (BOD) / Delegation Meeting Tuesday, October 1

SDCMS BOD Members and House of Delegates (HOD) / District 1 Delegates and Alternates: Just a reminder that we have a combined BOD / Delegation meeting that will take place on Tuesday, October 1 — the meeting will start promptly at 6:00pm. 

As we will be reviewing all of the resolutions for this year’s HOD, we anticipate this meeting will run long (until at least 9:00pm or later). Please plan your schedule accordingly.

The resolutions are accessible below:

NOTE: Reference Committee A testimony is virtual only:

  • There will NOT be any changes by Reference Committee A due to hearings at the HOD, so the time to get (individual) comments in is NOW. To submit testimony for resolutions online, access the resolutions (and other HOD documents) by logging in to CMA’s website with your CMA username and password (If you do not have a username or password, you would need to register for an account directly on CMA’s website); once you are logged in to CMA’s website, click the “House of Delegates” link at the top of the page. From there, click on the "Resolutions and Reports" tab and then click on whichever resolution you want to submit testimony for — at the bottom of that resolution's specific page, there will be a “Submit Testimony” section to complete.
  • Online testimony for Reference Committee A must by posted by 11:59pm on October 3, 2013.

Consistent with CMA policy and SDCMS cost-containment, there will be no hardcopies, so download to your laptop and bring your laptop!

You are welcome to review all resolutions, but, at a minimum, please review all of the resolutions for your designated reference committee (assignments as below):

  • If you are not assigned to a reference committee because you are not going to HOD, feel free to review as you wish.
  • If you are coming to HOD as part of District 1 and you have not yet been assigned, let us know ASAP.
  • If you are coming to HOD but not as part of District 1, feel free to review as you wish.

For each section in turn, the chair will ask for extractions — we will only review / discuss extractions. 

Three important notes:

  1. Given that we could easily go till way past midnight debating the nuances of each and every resolution, the chair requests that extractions are for only three purposes: 1) to propose delegation support for a resolution; 2) to propose delegation opposition to a resolution; 3) to propose an amendment to a resolution that would engender a support position or ameliorate an oppose position.
  2. Per our policy manual, it requires two-thirds of those present and voting to take any position (this changes, by the way, at HOD, where the threshold is lowered to simple majority of those present and voting).
  3. Given that we will not have heard any formal testimony, and that the CMA reference committee will create significant changes to the resolution package, we don’t want to waste precious neurons by debating stuff that can and will change anyway!

At the end of each section, we will have one of five positions on each resolution:

  • No Position (the preponderance of resolutions will fall into this bucket)
  • Support
  • Oppose
  • Support if Amended (including the approximate language that would allow a support position)
  • Oppose if Amended (including the offending language that would need to be pulled to retract an oppose position)

Per the Delegation chair, here are the assignments of District 1 delegation members known to be attending (excluding CMA trustees):

  • Reference Committee A, Science and Public Health: Dr. Lane (SDCMS Chair), Dr. Lobatz, Dr. Wood, Dr. Magit, Dr. Ross, and Dr. Mongiardo (also sitting on CMA’s Reference Committee A)
  • Reference Committee B, Government Health Issues and Health System Reform: Dr. Page (SDCMS Chair), Dr. Poceta, Dr. Currier, Dr. Prabaker, Dr. Villarreal, and Dr. Yang (also sitting on CMA’s Reference Committee B)
  • Reference Committee C, CMA Membership, Finance, and Governance: Dr. Verdolin (SDCMS Chair), Dr. Whitaker, Dr. Kaweski, Dr. Shah, and Dr. Reid
  • Reference Committee D, Insurance and Physician Reimbursement: Dr. Raudaskoski (SDCMS Chair), Dr. Sun, Dr. Balourdas, Dr. Hayden, Dr. Goldberg, and Dr. Sornson (also sitting on CMA’s Reference Committee C)
  • Reference Committee E, Quality, Ethics, and Legal Issues: Dr. Bazzo (SDCMS Chair), Dr. Kumar, Dr. Willette, Dr. Ali, Dr. Peters, and Dr. Bugea
  • Reference Committee F, Health Professions and Facilities: Dr. Powell (SDCMS Chair), Dr. Parikh, Dr. Sack, Dr. Edelstein, Dr. Natuzzi, Dr. Wailes, and Dr. Nanavati (also sitting on CMA’s Reference Committee F)

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