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SDCMS Announces Its Newest Member Benefit

We are excited to announce to you today that SDCMS has partnered with San Diego Private Bank to bring to SDCMS members an exclusive, discounted package of services, including SBA loans, deposit accounts, and treasury management products.

San Diego Private Bank — one of the last, locally headquartered banks — is here to serve you with custom-tailored financial solutions designed to address the needs of your practice and your family. Combined with their customer-centric focus is their commitment to finding creative financial solutions and to providing those solutions in the shortest possible time, with the greatest amount of flexibility and accountability.

“Michael Valenti and his team at San Diego Private Bank have been an excellent lending partner for my business and medical practice. From my initial conversation with their SBA division, his team has been nothing short of extraordinary. Michael made the effort to drive out to Chula Vista and meet with me in person. His team is always available and willing to answer any questions I may have about my loan. With their help, I was able to acquire a proper practice location and support the growth of my business. I give them the highest of recommendations.” — Rick T. Chac, MD, FACOG, Sharp Community Medical Group

San Diego Private Bank looks forward to having the opportunity to serve you from their offices in La Jolla, San Diego, Coronado, and Newport Beach. Their Private Business Capital Group is ready with any SBA product you may desire.

In closing, I — Tom Wornham — would like to thank you for all you do to help us; now it’s our turn to help you!

Mihir Y. Parikh, MD, President, SDCMS
Thomas V. Wornham, President & CEO, San Diego Private Bank


  • MEMBER BENEFIT: For SDCMS member physicians, San Diego Private Bank will pay 1% out of the total SBA guarantee fee percentage.
  • FOR EXAMPLE: If an SDCMS member physician takes out a loan for $500,000, and the SBA guarantees 75% of that, or $375,000, the guarantee fee will be $11,250 (3% of $375,000). San Diego Private Bank will pay 1% out of that 3% guarantee fee, or $3,750 of the $11,250. In other words, this SDCMS member physician would save $3,750 by banking with San Diego Private Bank!
  • CONTACT: If you would like to speak with someone at San Diego Private Bank, do not hesitate to reach out to Paul Azzi, EVP & Market President, at pazzi@sandiegoprivatebank.net, or Mike Valenti, SVP & SBA Division Manager, at mvalenti@sandiegoprivatebank.net.

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