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CMA Works With DOJ to Identify Short-term Solution to CURES Upgrade Problem

June 24, 2015

In response to concerns raised by the California Medical Association (CMA), the Department of Justice (DOJ) has agreed to a short-term solution to prevent thousands of Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) prescribers and dispensers from losing access when the new system is launched on June 30. DOJ has committed to keeping the current version of CURES accessible for users who cannot access the new version because of browser compatibility issues. Without intervention, there would have been immediate and greatly reduced access to this valuable public health tool upon implementation of the new version.

Based on communications with DOJ, CMA has produced a summary of what CURES users should know about the launch of the new system, including updates on access and registration changes. Click here to read the summary. 

Thank you to everyone who contacted us about how this change would impact your practice. As both a long-term solution and the full scope of those impacted are yet to be determined, please reach out to us, if you haven’t already, if the CURES 2.0 browser restrictions pose a problem for you. Contact CMA’s Legal Information Line at (800) 786-4262 or fkader@cmanet.org.

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