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CMA Names Luther Cobb, MD, Its 147th President

CMA Names Luther Cobb, MD, Its 147th President: Dr. Cobb Takes Lead of Over 40,000 Physician Members
— November 13, 2014

Sacramento —  Humboldt County physician Luther Cobb, MD, has been installed as the 147th president of the California Medical Association (CMA), taking the reins from immediate past president Richard Thorp, MD. Dr. Cobb takes office on the heels of the momentous defeat of Proposition 46, a campaign in which doctors and healthcare providers across California rallied together to oppose the measure that ultimately failed 33-67%.

“What a thrilling time to be assuming the role of CMA president,” said Dr. Cobb. “The healthcare community has stood tall in protecting our patients and their access to care, and, as we look ahead to the year in front of us, I am confident that we will continue to do so.”

After attending Stanford Medical School, Dr. Cobb went onto do his residency at Stanford as well, taking a two-year fellowship to study pancreatic islet transplantation for diabetes. He later joined the Stanford faculty and worked at the affiliated county hospital in Santa Clara County, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

“Becoming a doctor was something I wanted to do because not only would it be an avenue to help the greatest number of people I could, but it was and continues to be an evolving field with new discoveries around each corner,” said Dr. Cobb.

Dr. Cobb is a former chair of the CMA Council on Legislation and has served on the organization’s executive committee since 2006. He is also past president of the Humboldt-Del Norte County Medical Society.

“Dr. Cobb brings the experience, leadership, and fortitude to CMA’s presidency that will lead us into an incredible time in the healthcare delivery system,” said CMA CEO Dustin Corcoran. “As we look ahead to the changes that lie in front of us, I have the utmost faith in Dr. Cobb’s ability to lead the 40,000-plus members of CMA as we advocate for quality and for timely access to safe and affordable healthcare.” 

Dr. Cobb’s term as CMA president will run from November 2014 to October 2015.

“There is a distinct lack of access to medical care throughout these parts of California where I practice, and to be able to provide care to patients that otherwise wouldn’t have it is something that I’ve dedicated my life to,” added Dr. Cobb.  “As CMA president, advocating for my patients here, for the doctors across California, and for the future of healthcare will be a priority.”

The California Medical Association represents more than 40,000 physicians in all modes of practice and specialties. CMA is dedicated to the health of all patients in California.

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