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2022–23 Board of Directors Call for Self–Nominations

SDCMS Member Physicians: The SDCMS Nominations Committee announces the annual call for nominations to the SDCMS board and officer positions. The committee will meet in December and prepare a slate of candidates for approval by the board next year and election in the spring. To be eligible for service on SDCMS’s Board of Directors, physicians must have been active members of SDCMS for at least two years as of the date of assumption of duties: June 2022. Additionally, for Geographic Directors, physicians must have their primary practice located within the geographic district.


The 2022–23 Ballot Will Include the Following Positions:
  • Officers: 3 Positions (President–Elect, Secretary & Treasurer)
  • AMA Alternate Delegate: 1 Position ✽ 1 Incumbent
  • At–Large Director: 2 Positions ✽ 1 Incumbent
  • East County Geographic Director: 1 Position ✽ 1 Incumbent
  • Hillcrest Geographic Director: 2 Positions ✽ 2 Incumbents
  • North County Geographic Director: 1 Position ✽ 1 Incumbent
  • Young Physician Director: 1 Position ✽ 0 Incumbents
  • Resident Director: 1 Position ✽ 1 Incumbent
  • District I Delegate: 2 Positions ✽ 2 Incumbents
  • RFS Delegate: 1 Position ✽ 1 Incumbent


Requirements for SDCMS Board Members:
  • Participate in quarterly SDCMS Board of Directors meetings — typically Tuesday evenings, 6–8pm
  • Participate in SDCMS’s annual retreat — held offsite and over a weekend in the winter
  • Participate in CMA’s annual House of Delegates — Los Angeles, October 22–23, 2022


To Self–Nominate:
SDCMS member physicians who wish to serve on SDCMS’s 2022–23 Board of Directors should contact Paul Hegyi, SDCMS CEO, at Hegyi@SDCMS.org, at (916) 215–9842 (cell), or Holly Yang, MD, SDCMS Nominating Committee Chair, at Holly@pallmed.us. Be sure to let Paul or Dr. Yang know which position interests you. If you wish to review SDCMS’s bylaws, CLICK HERE.


Questions? Call SDCMS at (858) 565–8888 or email SDCMS@SDCMS.org.

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