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2018-2019 SDCMS Board of Directors Elections

2018–19 SDCMS Board of Directors (BOD) Elections: April 10 – May 1 (12pm), 2018

Notes: (*) After Name = Incumbent • # in Parentheses After Name = Term Length in Years

Officer Candidates:

  • President-elect James (Jim) H. Schultz, MD, MBA, FAAFP (1)
  • Secretary: Holly B. Yang, MD (1)
  • Treasurer: Sergio R. Flores, MD(1)

Geographic Director Candidates:

  • Kearny Mesa #1: Jamie M. Jordan, MD (3)
  • La Jolla #1: Laura H. Goetz, MD (3)
  • North County #1: Patrick A. Tellez, MD, MPH, MHSA* (3)
  • North County #3: Veena A. Prabhakar, DO (3)
  • South Bay #2:  Maria T. Carriedo, MD* (3)

At-large Director Candidates:

  • #2:  Paul J. Manos, DO (3)
  • #7: Toluwalase (Lase) A. Ajayi, MD* (3)

Geographic Alternate Director Candidates:

  • East County:  Heidi M. Meyer, MD (3)
  • Hillcrest:  Kyle P. Edmonds, MD, FAAHPM* (3)
  • La Jolla: Wynnshang (Wayne) C. Sun, MD* (3)
  • North County: Franklin M. Martin, MD, FACS (3)
  • South Bay:  Karrar H. Ali, DO, MPH (3)

At-large Alternate Director Candidates:

  • At-Large Alternate Director #3:  Susan Kaweski, MD (3)

AMA Delegate Candidate:

  • James T. Hay, MD* (3)




Candidate for President-elect: James (Jim) H. Schultz, MD, MBA, FAAFP (1) 

Jim Schultz is a family physician who practices at Neighborhood Healthcare, a federally qualified community health center serving about 70,000 of the underserved and medically needy. He sees outpatients in Escondido, Pauma Valley, and Temecula, and inpatients as part of the California Emergency Physicians Hospitalist program. He has been chief medical officer of Neighborhood Healthcare since 2001, and is currently the CMO of Integrated Health Partners and of Champions for Health / Project Access San Diego. Prior to his role at Neighborhood Healthcare, Jim was medical director and practicing physician at Graybill Medical Group in Escondido, where he began his professional career in 1988. He is also a volunteer clinical professor at UCSD in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine and hosts the Family Medicine Residency PGY-1 outpatient gynecology rotation. His goals at SDCMS include helping fashion a strategy for meaningful membership into the future, fairly representing the interests of the physicians of North County, and in bringing in the voice and perspective of those physicians whose practice is predominantly that of the underserved. 


Candidate for Secretary: Holly B. Yang, MD (1) 

I have been a member of the San Diego County Medical Society (SDCMS) since I moved to San Diego over 10 years ago. I have been on the board of directors since 2012, and am the current treasurer. At the California Medical Association (CMA) House of Delegates, I have served on two reference committees, and I am currently the vice chair of the Council on Membership, Governance, and Bylaws. I am also an alternate delegate to the American Medical Association from the CMA. With the issues and uncertainty facing medicine, physicians must have an even stronger voice to protect our patients’ ability to access high-quality healthcare and our ability to provide and direct that care. SDCMS serves us well in that role, and is a great resource to physicians of all specialties and practice types in the daily issues we deal with as doctors. Since being elected to the board of directors, I am continually impressed by what we can accomplish when we have a diverse group of physicians come together as a team. I am honored to have the opportunity to give back to my community, and engage with the things that make a difference to our patients and our profession. Thank you for all the work you do to care for the people of our county. Thank you for your trust to represent you. I ask for your continued trust and support for my candidacy for secretary of our SDCMS.


Candidate for Treasurer: Sergio R. Flores, MD (1) 

I have served on the SDCMS board of directors as both a Kearny Mesa alternate as well as geographic director. I am also currently serving on the Executive Committee. I would like to continue serving on the SDCMS board as your treasurer. I’m also on the CMA board of directors since 2012 as well as the current Chairman of the CMA finance committee. I was born and raised in San Diego and graduated from SDSU in 1985. I graduated from the UCSF School of Medicine in 1989 and trained at UC Irvine in internal medicine and gastroenterology from 1989 to 1994, and was board certified in both. I am in private practice and have been a partner at San Diego Digestive Disease Consultants since 1998. I serve on the board of Sharp Community Medical Group for the past 19 years and currently serve on the executive committee as the vice president as well as the Chairman of the finance committee. I served on the Sharp Healthcare board of directors for seven years and continue to serve on their finance committee. I would like to continue to offer my services to you and SDCMS. Thank you.


Geographic Directors:

Candidate for Kearny Mesa Geographic Director #1: Jamie M. Jordan, MD (3) 

My name is Jamie Jordan and I am a Pediatrician at Children’s Primary Care Medical Group. I have been practicing in San Diego for almost 6 years. I came to San Diego after my training at the University of Arizona for Residency, Boston University for Medical School and UCLA for my undergraduate degree. Although I grew up in the LA area (San Fernando Valley), I have set down roots in San Diego building a new home and starting a family with my husband and baby. I love working in my location because I see the spread of populations and a diversity of obstacles in practicing. I also get to use my medical Spanish that I learned while rotating through Panama and Guatemala while in training. 

I have always jumped in to be involved with every group I join. I became very involved within my company, serving on over 10 some committees as well as becoming a shareholder since joining. I am now hoping to get more involved in the community of San Diego and would love the opportunity to serve as the Kearny Mesa director.


Candidate for La Jolla Geographic Director #1: Laura H. Goetz, MD (3) (no statement)







Candidate for North County Geographic Director #1: Patrick A. Tellez, MD, MPH, MHSA* (3) 

Dear Colleagues, My name is Patrick Tellez; I currently serve as a clinician in the part-time practice of Pediatric Allergy and as Chief Medical Officer of North County Health Services, a community health center serving over 70,000 residents in San Marcos, Oceanside, Encinitas, Carlsbad and Ramona. It is with keen interest that submit my candidacy to serve our profession through the San Diego County Medical Society Board ofDirectors. My vision is to do whatever I can to assure that physicians maintain a position of leadership as the architects of change in health care in San Diego and throughout California. The foundational ethics that we all embrace in the course of medical practice, include: “First do no harm.” "Beneficence” – always seek to minimize pain and optimize health; “Autonomy” – Empowering and engaging the patient, through education, to enable informed decision making; and, “Justice” – always seek to assure that the resources are available and accessible to deliver an acceptable standard of care. 

These very same ethics also apply to the design, leadership and change management of large scale health care systems. 

In the absence of physician led initiative, the practice of medicine becomes subject to social, business, economic and other influences which often, whether intentionally or unintentionally, do influence the evolution of medicine, effectiveness of public health and the health status of populations. 

Today, we live in times of unprecedented change; and yet, it is the current conditions of uncertainty that present us with unprecedented opportunity to make a measurable difference, as a profession, in the future course of health care in our State and country. It is with this vision that I am excited to tender my interest in being considered as a nominee to serve as a member of the team that is the Board of the San Diego County Medical Society. 

Candidate for North County Geographic Director #3: Veena A. Prabhakar, DO (3) 

I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for North County Director, and it would be my privilege to serve for the first time on the Board for SDCMS. I have been a family physician in North County San Diego for nearly seventeen years, with experience in multiple practice settings. I am presently a full time family physician at Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group in Rancho Bernardo. In my private practice days, I served for many years as treasurer and vice-president for my group. I have also enjoyed serving on various leadership committees throughout my career, including peer review and quality assurance. I am presently a CMA delegate representing the Large Group Practice Forum.

I have always been a champion for physician well-being. I found inspiration this past October at the House of Delegates meeting, where physician burnout was addressed with as much vigor as the other critical issues of the day. It was truly empowering to be reminded what physicians can achieve when united. I hope to foster continued conversation about what we can do to support each other in preventing physician burnout, and preserve the joy of what happens when we all enter that exam room. With multiple physician family members in various organizations throughout San Diego, it is clear to me, that despite our subtle differences, we share a common vision in our desire to improve access to high quality cost effective care, while preserving the well-being of those responsible for delivering that care. Despite the daily challenges we all presently face, I remain optimistic and passionate about medicine. If elected, I would be extremely proud to represent the voice of my friends and colleagues in North County, and throughout San Diego. 

On a personal note, I grew up in Bonita, moved back to San Diego shortly after residency and settled in the North County area, where I presently live with my three daughters, and husband David Hattie, also a long-time family physician in North County. I try and find balance with tennis and live music. 

Candidate for South Bay Geographic Director #2: Maria T. Carriedo, MD* (3) 


I am a family physician from San Ysidro Health Center, a Federally Qualified Community Health Center serving about 94,000 of the medically underserved and culturally diverse population in the South Bay. El Cajon, and Southeast San Diego. I have been the VP and Chief Medical Officer for San Ysidro Health Center since 2012. My goals at SDCMS include not only providing the perspective of a physician working in South County with an underserved and culturally diverse population, but in addition, working together with physicians from throughout the county to build a healthier community. I also look forward to working with a team of physicians to address the important issues of payment reform and physician workforce shortage that we are facing. Throughout my years at San Ysidro Health Center, I have actively been involved with training of students and residents. In addition, working as preceptor with the Scripps Chula Vista Family Residency program, I take great pride in helping in the training of our future Family Medicine physicians. I have been a board member with the San Diego Academy of Family Practice and enjoyed collaborating with physicians from various modes of practice. It has been an honor to have a seat on the board of SDCMS so that I may serve on behalf of all physicians. I ask for your support.

At-large Directors: 

Candidate for At-large Director #2: Paul J. Manos, DO (3) 

I have had the privilege to practice emergency medicine over the past twenty years at Paradise Valley Hospital and have served as Medical Director for the past thirteen years. During my tenure at Paradise Valley Hospital, I have served as Chief of Staff and have held numerous other Medical Staff Positions. 

In 1999, I co-founded eStudysite, which conducts research related studies throughout the county and have conducted more than 150 clinical trials over the past twenty years. 

Currently, I am the founder and President of Pacific Paradise Emergency Physician Medical Group, employing 24 physicians and mid-level providers. I am actively involved in teaching Medical Students from Midwestern University, as well as physician assistants and nurse practitioners from various local universities. 

My experience as an emergency room physician and primary investigator for clinical research has given me the opportunity to see the many facets and different perspectives of medicine. 

Over the years I have had the unique opportunity to work with so many inspiring, dedicated physicians, and community members in San Diego, which sets us apart from all others. Knowing this, I believe we can effect change that will positively impact our patients. 

As a practicing physician in an underserved community, I believe that we must advocate for good access to healthcare in this population, as well as advocating for all patients. Having said this, I also believe as physicians we must come together with a unified voice to protect the practice of medicine. 

I hope to bring to the Board at SDCMS common sense ideas that will help effect change. 

Thank you for the opportunity. It’s a privilege to serve our community.


Candidate for At-large Director #7: Toluwalase (Lase) A. Ajayi, MD* (3) 

I have had the honor of serving on the SDCMS board of directors for the past four years and consider it an honor to serve our medical community. I have had the privilege to again ask for your support as I run for at-large director of SDCMS. I have served as an SDCMS at-large director for the past three years, and have recently joined the executive committee. I have been very active bringing the voice of the community physician and the patients we serve to the California Medical Association. Through my active involvement with SDCMS, I have represented San Diego Physicians at the CMA, serving on the Council of Legislation, the Ethnic Minority section, and just recently completing my term as the chair of the young physician section. I take these responsibilities seriously and work passionately in these roles because I believe that our San Diego County Medical Society provides a vital opportunity for our physician community to be able to speak as a singular “voice” to the public and to the politicians in the city, county, state, and federal government. 

Recently, we have seen our California Medical Board, the CDC and CMS react to the Opioid Epidemic in ways that may not truly benefit the patients that we are trying to help and place restrictions on the practicing physicians. We have seen and continue to see the cost of medical education increase leading to an increase debt burden on young physicians. EHR interoperability and scope of practice continue to place a burden the patient-physician-payer relationships. Given this reality, it will be critical that we as practicing physicians represent, with a unified voice, the medical care interests of our patients. I have worked to help our Medical Society speak with that united voice and continue to work on the ground to help ease these tensions and much more. I would truly appreciate your support as I seek re-election to the SDCMS board of directors. 


Toluwalase (Lase) Ajayi"

Geographic Alternate Directors:

Candidate for East County Geographic Alternate Director: Heidi M. Meyer, MD (3) 

My time so far serving on the SDCMS Board has been a wonderful reminder of the power physicians have to impact the health of our communities. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to work with the movers and shakers of organized political medicine in the state of California. As a Family Physician, I consider defending the health of the public part of my mission, and the SDCMS Board more than helps me fulfill this mission. My past work on the Arizona and American Academy of Family Physicians boards, as well as my past experience as President of the San Diego Academy of Family Physicians board has been a great compliment to this one.  I also enjoy being a voice for the large group practice as I am employed by the Permanente Medical Group.



Candidate for Hillcrest Geographic Alternate Director: Kyle P. Edmonds, MD, FAAHPM* (3) 

Dr. Edmonds is an assistant professor of palliative medicine on the Doris A. Howell Palliative Teams at UC San Diego Health as well as a quality medical director for advanced illness management and care. He has been an SDCMS member since arriving in San Diego for fellowship training in 2012 and has been actively involved in organized medicine since his first year of medical school. In addition to serving on the Board of Directors, he is a member of the CMA Council of Ethical, Legal, and Judicial Affairs and a past president of the CMA Young Physician Section. He is a California delegate to the American Medical Association House of Delegates and a delegate to the AMA YPS from the American Academy of Hospice & Palliative Medicine. He is a resident of Mission Hills where he lives with his wife, daughter, and son. Dr. Edmonds is passionate about health policy and the ways it interacts with our professional lives and the lives of the people we care for every day. He is proud to ask for your support in continuing to be a voice for you, your practice, and your patients.”


Candidate for La Jolla Geographic Alternate Director: Wynnshang (Wayne) C. Sun, MD* (3) 

I have been honored to serve as one of the La Jolla representatives and an at-large alternate director to the San Diego County Medical Society for the past several years. In my time on the board, I have come to realize how important it is that all physicians speak with one voice to work towards what is best for San Diego physicians and their patients. Although my immediate concerns as a general internist in private practice may be different from a specialist in academic medicine or a physician in a large-group practice, the changes that are occurring healthcare affects all of us. I have seen how much can be accomplished when we work together with a united voice, and it is essential that we approach these challenges together so that we can all survive and flourish. I believe my role on the board would be to continue to educate physicians in the importance of being a part of organized medicine, and to help make SDCMS an organization that all physicians would like to join.


Candidate for North County Geographic Alternate Director: Franklin M. Martin, MD, FACS (3) 

I am a general surgeon practicing in North County Inland for the past 25 years. I have been a member of the SDCMS, CMA and AMA during that time and would like to give back by serving as an alternate representative. My leadership experience so far has been as a CMA Large Group Delegate for two years, OMSS Delegate from Palomar Medical Center, Chief of Staff at Palomar Medical Center, Past COS for Pomerado Hospital and presently serving as a member of the BOD of SCMG for the past 7 years. I trained at Georgetown University Medical School, residency at Bethesda Naval Hospital, served until 1992 in the Navy and Marines and have been in private practice ever since. The SDCMS and organized medicine as a whole are our best advocates to continue our profession and take care of our patients to the best of our ability.



Candidate for South Bay Geographic Alternate Director: Karrar H. Ali, DO, MPH (3) 

I am honored to run for the board of the San Diego County Medical Society (SDCMS) again. As an emergency physician at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center and full partner with Vituity (formerly California Emergency Physicians), I am a physician who seeks to improve medicine at micro and macro levels for our patients, healthcare providers, administrators, and communities. I hold several committee positions at the hospital that focus on efficiency and team-building, as well as being the advocacy lead at Sharp. 

I have been a member of SDCMS for nine years and it has been a distinct pleasure to serve on the board over the last six years. I have also enjoyed serving as a delegate and participant in CMA’s annual legislative meetings. Despite the not always positive trends in the practice of medicine, I believe our best chance to effect desired changes for our profession is to unite on common ground and to advocate through these avenues. I will endeavor to effectively represent all the physicians in my geographic community, as well as my emergency medicine colleagues. I thank you for your continued support.

At-large Alternate Officers:


Candidate for At-large Alternate Officer #3: Susan Kaweski, MD (3) (no statement)







AMA Delegate Candidate:

Candidate for AMA Delegate #1: James T. Hay, MD* (3) 


I have had the privilege of serving you in many capacities over the past many years: 2001 president of SDCMS; first president of the SDCMS Foundation; delegate, trustee, speaker, and 2012 president of CMA; and delegate to Our AMA since 2001.


More important than the titles are the accomplishments of your San Diego AMA team. The Hertzka, Hay, Ray, and Mazer team is a major influence within our California delegation. I wrote and introduced a series of resolutions that resulted in the adoption by the AMA HOD of the “Principles of the Patient-centered Medical Home.” I was part of the campaign to elect Bob Hertzka to the AMA’s Council on Medical Services. I was chair of the finance committee of the delegation and helped to reduce expenses for CMA during tight budgetary times. I am a recognized consensus-building voice in the AMA House. And with the need to redirect AMA at this time in health system reform, strong leaders like San Diego’s need that voice at AMA.


Locally, I am proud of the tremendous growth of our Medical Society since 2001; of the Foundation, now Champions for Health, an important part of the charitable community in San Diego, and of its Project Access; and of the reorganized governance structure of SDCMS, begun during my president year, that, along with a dynamic CEO and current leadership, has made San Diego the premier county medical society in California.


We need leaders who build consensus and can get things done. Certainly as we face the challenges of healthcare reform and the system reorganization proposals of the administration in Washington, we want people who understand the policy and the politics. I am very grateful that you have believed that I do, and I ask for your support to continue as your delegate to the AMA House of Delegates.




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